Robert Benevides Net Worth

Robert Benevides Net Worth

A prominent American film producer, Robert Benevides has appeared in several films and television shows. He has also acted as the production consultant in the TV series Perry Mason. The actor has a net worth estimated at $5 million. Despite his successful career, Benevides is relatively quiet about his personal life. He keeps his family and academic background secret.

Robert Benevides was born in Visalia, California, USA, in 1930. He grew up in Vallejo, California. Eventually, he bought a farm in the Dry Creek Valley. During his youth, he became acquainted with Raymond Burr. They were both fans of orchids. Consequently, they shared an interest in orchid hybridization. Eventually, they became partners and started a business together.

Besides his work on the screen, Benevides has a well-developed private life. Although he was once in a relationship with Raymond Burr, the couple never had children. But, Benevides still keeps his family and friends close. It is believed that he is gay. In fact, he is currently a member of the Christian faith.

Before joining the showbiz industry, Benevides was a creative consultant. But, he made his money through the Celebrities niche. Among other things, Benevides owns a vineyard in California. The vineyard is named after his late partner, Raymond Burr. This vineyard is a dream come true for Benevides. There is also a tasting facility, greenhouses with orchid plants, and other facilities.

As an actor, Benevides has been known for his roles in the films The Outer Limits and Ironside. While the former movie aired in 1963, the latter one premiered in 1967. Both films were popular with the public. At present, the actor is 91 years old. Despite his age, he is in good health and is not affected by any illness.

Throughout his career, Benevides worked with Raymond Burr. After their first meeting, they immediately hit it off. In fact, they were so close that Burr referred to Benevides as his “long-time companion”. Later, they were executive producers of the popular TV series Ironside.

Benevides was in a romantic relationship with Raymond Burr for about 33 years. Initially, they were not married. However, when Burr died, he left his estate to Benevides. Afterwards, Benevides stayed with Burr in his home. Even though they did not have any kids, they remained good friends.

Benevides and Burr met in the middle of the 1950s while they were both working on a television program. After the show ended, they went to California for a short time. On their trip, they visited some of their favorite places. Benevides showed Burr the land in Sonoma county.

Despite his age, Benevides is a rich man. His earnings are estimated to be around $39 million in 2021. Currently, he is no longer involved in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, he is a famous actor, and has been involved in several movies and TV shows. Until recently, he was very popular, especially for his work on the Ironside movie.

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