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Ritchie Blackmore is an renowned English guitarist who has amassed great wealth through his impressive career. A founding member of heavy metal band Deep Purple and also working as a solo artist, Blackmore’s unique guitar style has had an enormous influence on today’s rock and metal musicians as well as films and television shows.

Blackmore has many income sources outside his music career that help him increase his overall net worth, such as Tidal streaming service stake, fashion line and beauty product lines owned by him and investments made into real estate assets such as his ownership of Schloss Norvenich in Germany which was purchased from its previous owner by Blackmore in 2015.

Blackmore may seem like the ultimate star musician and businessperson, yet his net worth remains relatively modest. Over his career he’s only managed to accumulate $25 Million, which is certainly impressive when considering all his hard work both as an artist and in business.

Blackmore was born in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset England on April 14, 1945 as an Aries, which may explain his strong sense of independence and creative flare. At 15 he had already begun playing the guitar professionally.

Blackmore was one of the founding members of Deep Purple and Rainbow bands, in addition to releasing solo albums under his name. Known for his distinct guitar style that incorporates elements of both traditional rock music and classical compositions, Guitar World named him 16th greatest metal guitarist ever back in 2004.

Blackmore amassed his fortune through his musical career and is widely respected for both his taste and lifestyle choices. Rather than opt for flashy items like expensive watches or Ferraris, such as flashy watches or flashy Ferraris he prefers classic vehicles and lifestyle options which are practical rather than extravagant ones like expensive watches or Ferraris. Blackmore never engaged in questionable investments or spending sprees like Elton John did; in fact he always handled his finances wisely.

Blackmore is also well known for his smart investments and lucrative endorsement deals; owning several restaurants (such as London’s “Fat Blackmore Burger” chain) as well as being featured as CoverGirl cosmetics’ face and having launched his own vodka brand are just a few examples of his success as an entertainer. Blackmore boasts an international fanbase who follow him everywhere he goes!

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