Ricko Dewilde Net Worth

Ricko DeWilde Net Worth

Ricko DeWilde is an individual of many talents and passions. From hunting and trapping, to craftsman and fatherhood. He adheres to traditional Athabascan ways of life which he passes down to his children; additionally he stars on Life Below Zero as part of this demanding yet fulfilling lifestyle.

DeWilde is an expert hunter, meaning he excels at what he does. To hunt, DeWilde uses various weapons and equipment including an A.22 for small game hunting, shotgun for waterfowl hunting and an A.308 rifle (used to shoot most big game). DeWilde was raised in an Alaskan village and learned early how to survive in nature – skills which have enabled him to become one of Life Below Zero’s successful stars.

DeWilde remains unknown how much he makes from the hit television series; however, he has been part of it for over 15 years and his earnings have seen significant increases over time, leading him to amass an impressive net worth. Aside from salary alone, DeWilde also earns considerable sums from YouTube channel views and merchandise business ventures.

DeWilde has made himself known as an outdoor expert and survivalist through his writing of several survival books, operating a website providing hunting, fishing and camping information as well as hosting several television shows highlighting his expertise as an outdoor expert and survivalist, appearing on several magazines and newspapers and hosting television shows on these subjects.

Recently, DeWilde has been prioritizing his family life. He lives with Rona Vent, who hails from Koyukon Athabascan culture. Together they have five children together: Simone, Skarlett and Maya as daughters; Skyler and Keenan are sons; they spend most of their time raising their family in Fairbanks.

DeWilde has long been an advocate for Native American rights, participating actively in protests against police killing of Native Americans. Additionally, he organized a vigil in 2016 in memory of victims of law enforcement violence. Hydz clothing line allows him to continue his passion while upholding and spreading brand and value awareness. Ricko DeWilde Foundation provides support to Native youth. Through fundraising and educational initiatives, this foundation strives to improve local families’ quality of life. It has also established scholarships and programs to assist young people. Furthermore, this foundation is committed to the future of indigenous communities by working hard to promote and preserve their cultures – serving as an excellent example of foundation work that should be performed in future.

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