Rich Koz Net Worth

Rich Koz Net Worth

Rich Koz is an American saxophonist and TV show host who is best known for his Son of Svengoolie character on Three Stooges’ Stooge-a-Palooza program. In over four decades as part of this industry, his work has brought in millions for him; winning awards like one on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame; co-hosting popular radio shows; etc.

According to various online resources, Rich Koz is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million dollars due to his success as a professional television show host.

At just 16 years old, Svengoolie launched his career in broadcast media. Graduating from Northwestern University’s communications program is where Svengoolie first made an appearance; upon starting to present horror movie shows on WFLD-TV Ch. 32 (where his show won numerous local Emmy awards), as well as hosting 4th of July and New Year’s Eve programming and freelance radio work (along with hosting 4th of July programming and New Year’s Eve events respectively). Since then he has appeared as an invited guest on multiple talk shows as well as receiving multiple Grammy nominations for his music creations.

Koz has gained notoriety through both his television and radio careers as well as live performances at numerous renowned venues, recording multiple albums that have reached number one on Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts, appearing in movies and television shows like Desperate Housewives as well as being awarded with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of his musical prowess.

Rich Koz is a very private person, rarely discussing his personal life in public. At present, he appears to be single and has made no comments to media regarding potential partners or children that may come his way. Furthermore, no social media platforms exist where anyone could gain an insight into his private affairs.

Koz resides in an extravagant house in Beverly Hills, California which covers a sprawling lot with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a library and was purchased for an astounding $1.1 million back in 1994. Additionally, he owns several cars and yachts as well as being an established businessperson involved with multiple ventures.

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