Rain Bird Pressure Regulator

The PRS-Dial pressure regulator by Rain Bird is a convenient device that regulates the outlet pressure of a valve. It provides constant outlet pressure, despite fluctuations in incoming pressure. It features a clear scale and fits Rain Bird PEB, PEESB, BPE, and PGA series valves. The PRS-Dial is a simple yet effective means of regulating outlet pressure, although it is not recommended for applications outside of the recommended flow ranges.

The Rain Bird pressure regulator is designed for both above and below-ground irrigation systems and can be used in a variety of applications. The regulator is easy to install and regulates outlet pressure from 1,04 to 6,90 bars. Its detent adjustment knob allows fine adjustment in 0.02 bar increments. The regulator features an ergonomic design to minimize the risk of vandalism and is made of fiberglass-filled nylon, ensuring it is durable and secure.

The Rain Bird Pressure Regulator Filter combines pressure regulation with filtration to protect downstream components in a drip irrigation system. Its cap features an o-ring for sealing. The glass-filled nylon cap can be unscrewed to provide access to the filter element. This filter reduces the number of components in the control zone, while still retaining the optimum outlet pressure.

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