R Lee Ermey Net Worth

R Lee Ermey Net Worth and Five Unique Facts About the Man Who Called Himself “Gunny”

R Lee Ermey made an indelible mark on film through his distinguished acting career as a United States Marine Corps staff sergeant. While best-known for playing Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, his repertoire as an actor extended well beyond this film. This article will delve into Ermey’s net worth as well as five noteworthy facts about this man known affectionately by many as Gunny.

Ermey was born March 24th 1944 in Emporia Kansas. After joining the Marines for 11 years and 14 months in Vietnam, his military experience gave him an authentic understanding of the characters he played on screen. Before embarking on his acting career he completed drill instructor training that gave him confidence to portray authoritative figures on camera.

Ermey did not win any major acting awards during his lifetime; however, his role as Hartman from Full Metal Jacket won him critical acclaim and earned nominations from both Golden Globes and Boston Society of Film Critics Awards. Additionally he appeared in movies such as Apocalypse Now, Mississippi Burning, Se7en Saving Silverman remake and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake among others.

Ermey made an additional mark as an accomplished voice actor. He provided voiceover work for animated films and TV series such as Kim Possible and Family Guy as well as Earthsiege video game series – in addition to lending his voice for numerous commercials.

Though he did not return to military service after his acting career, he remained actively engaged with the military community. In 2013, his autobiography Gunny’s Rules: How to Get Squared Away Like a Marine was published; additionally, he served on the board of USMC Memorial Foundation.

Ermey’s estimated net worth as of 2020 stands at approximately $12 Million, the majority coming from his acting career; however, he also generates money as owner of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California.

Ermey will always remain in our hearts; even after his passing in 2018, his legacy will live on in fans and admirers. He was an exceptional actor whose tireless effort had an indelible impression on film and television industry; all who knew him will miss him deeply. For any inquiries related to this article please leave a comment below; thank you for reading!

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