Purina Busy Heartyhide Chew Treats

Purina Busy HeartyHide Chew Treats are made with beefhide and are a great choice for small to medium sized dogs. These treats are made without artificial coloring or flavors and have 9 chewbones in each one. They’re also made with savory basting and xanthan gum, so your dog will be getting plenty of nutrition while enjoying his or her favorite treat.

The treats are easily digestible and offer a firm texture to help clean the dog’s teeth. The enticing shape and tasty taste will keep your dog interested. These treats are great for promoting good behavior! The treats are not a meal replacement, so you may need to reduce the amount of food you feed your pet to make room for these treats. As with any treat, consult your veterinarian for advice.

Busy Bone Chew Treats are another option for adult dogs. These treats are made without rawhide and contain real pork in the center. The chewy middle and hard exterior create a chewing sensation your dog won’t be able to resist! Purina Busy Bone Chew Treats are great for cleaning teeth and engaging your dog’s natural chewing instinct.

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