Princess Stephanie Of Monaco Net Worth

Princess Stephanie of Monaco Net Worth

Princess Stephanie of Monaco is known for being the “wild child” in Monaco due to her eclectic career as a philanthropist, model, singer and actress. Through hard work and determination she has made an outstanding impactful contribution in various fields including fashion, music and philanthropy – earning an impressive net worth of $100 Million through various ventures within these fields.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco is the youngest child of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and American actress Grace Kelly. Born at Prince’s Palace of Monaco and brought up as part of its royal family, Stephanie has two siblings – Princess Caroline and Prince Albert II of Monaco who also count themselves among its ranks.

At 16, she survived a horrifying car accident that resulted in the death of her mother. It had a profound effect on her, leading her to live her life according to her own rules; not afraid to defy social norms and make unpopular choices regardless of consequences; becoming an exceptional model renowned by many fashion magazines as well as embarking upon musical career with albums release over time.

Princess Stephanie founded the Princesses & Femmes Foundation to assist underprivileged children, and has worked as a philanthropist for decades, helping countless people around the globe. For her good works she received numerous awards and commendations, founding Fight Aids Monaco among many other charitable initiatives.

Princess Stephanie is well known for her philanthropic efforts and also boasts a successful fashion line as well as owning multiple cafes and stores within Monaco. Additionally, she launched Ouragan perfume, has a luxurious apartment, drives an iconic Ferrari car and boasts an extensive collection of haute couture dresses and jewelry.

Her three children include Pauline Ducruet (an entrepreneur and clothing line owner named Alter) and Camille Marie Gottlieb, whom many refer to as being her grandmother’s doppelganger and is currently working as both a model and actress.

Princess Stephanie has been actively engaged with the Monaco Red Cross since the early 1990s and regularly travels to Africa on humanitarian projects. For her efforts she was awarded with the Grand Cross of Grimaldi Order, and also served as guest editor and covered Vogue Paris in 2008. Additionally she founded and is partner of Replay cafes in Monaco and Barcelona Replay stores; Pool Position swimwear/perfume line she co-founded with Alix de la Comble while at Dior; wrote her autobiography; has an outstanding palate as well as fashion-informed style instil from her mother; always on top of new trends!

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