Port Protection Gary Muehlberger Net Worth

Port Protection Star Gary Muehlberger’s Net Worth

Port Protection is a reality television show that portrays the lives of people living in small Alaskan towns. It was launched in 2015 and aired on the National Geographic channel. The show pays the cast and performers extremely well. They are paid between twenty thousand and thirty thousand dollars per year, which is very high for the average US citizen.

Gary Muehlberger was the leader of the show’s cast and was a very popular personality. He was known for his trapping skills, as well as his self-taught survival techniques. As one of the main characters on the show, he often played a role in the rescue of others. He frequently used a hundred-year-old fishing boat in his quest for prey.

Before becoming part of the cast, Gary lived in Alaska for 39 years. During that time, he had a dog named Tapper. He also taught survival skills on the show. He reportedly had a net worth of more than a hundred thousand dollars. But he has yet to reveal his exact net worth. Nevertheless, his fans are wondering about the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to reports, Gary Muehlberger was 75 when he died, and he was a well-liked member of the community. He was also one of the most admired stars on TV. His death was reported by Life Below Zero, and it caused a huge outpouring of online sympathy. Even the show’s producers posted a condolence message on Facebook.

The news of Gary’s death came as a shock to his fans. He was a well-respected leader in the community, and his passing was a huge disappointment to many. However, it is unlikely that anyone will ever know the real cause of his death.

Gary Muehlberger’s death occurred in March of 2021, after a fire broke out at his house. After being told about the fire, Alaska State Troopers arrived on the scene. The fire was so fierce that it completely enveloped the house in ash. Luckily, no people were in the house when it happened. However, Gary’s house was severely damaged, and he was found dead.

Sadly, Gary Muehlberger did not have a family of his own. However, he had a close friend named Litzi, who had been his best friend for almost forty years. She and her husband had been married for over ten years, but they did not have children together. Despite this, Litzi’s husband commented on the Port Protection Facebook group about her surgery date.

Port Protection pays its cast well. While some of the other cast members earn a lot of money, Gary’s income was not that high. The average income of the port protection inhabitants is about $25,618 a year.

If you have been a fan of Port Protection, you may want to know what happened to Gary Muehlberger. Although his official biography has not been released yet, fans can still read about him on various sites. There are also reports that his net worth has been revealed, but it is not yet clear how much he is worth.

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