Plies Net Worth 2021

Rapper Plies Net Worth 2021

Plies is an American rapper and a co-founder of Big Gates Records. He is a talented singer with a great net worth. His net worth is estimated to be around $16 million in 2021. The majority of his wealth comes from his music career, although he also earns a fair amount of money from other sources, such as movies and television.

After graduating from Miami University, Plies went into the rap industry. In 2007, he released his debut album, “The Real Testament,” which was well received. This album sold more than 96,000 copies in its first week, making it the top selling Rap album of 2007. With the success of this album, Plies’ net worth soared.

Plies is known for his signature gold crowned teeth smile. He has collaborated with several big names in the industry, including Akon, T-pain, and Ne-Yo. Several of his albums have made it to the top of the US Rap chart. Despite the fact that he has earned a lot of success, he has made mistakes in his career. Some of his early mistakes include leaving his college football team to pursue a musical career, and using his daughter for commercial purposes.

As a performer, Plies has been nominated for a number of Grammy Awards. One of his nominations was for best rap performance by a duo or group. Another was for “Kitty Kitty” with Trey Songz. Moreover, he has appeared on a number of television shows and movies.

When he was a teenager, Plies attended Fort Myers Senior High School. During this time, he was a member of the school’s football team and was the “best dressed” student in his class. However, he later opted to drop out of the University of Central Florida. Nevertheless, Plies’ popularity has remained high. From his early days, he has had many high profile relationships, from his time on the Miami University football team to his current relationship with Angela Yee.

Plies also has an expensive collection of luxury cars, which includes a Bentley Continental, a Porsche truck, and a Maybach. Besides that, he owns several platinum necklaces, chokers, and pendants. Additionally, he has a highly coveted sneaker collection. Although he has been a bit less active in his music career in the past few years, he still has fans who follow him closely.

His son, Nijier Lanier Washington, was born in 2003. According to reports, Plies was dating his girlfriend, Brandy Lacole Lyons, at the time of his son’s birth. Soon after their breakup, Plies’ girlfriend won custody of Nijier. Nonetheless, he continues to visit his son from time to time.

Plies has released several mixtapes in the past. In 2010, Plies made his first solo studio album, “Goon Affiliated.” Following this, he released two more albums, “Definition of Real” and “DARealist.”

Plies has a number of expensive watches on his wrist. He wears a Patek Philippe watch that costs more than $200,000. And he splurges on heavy gold chains and his Cadillac CTS-V.

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