Playtex Hip Hammock

Playtex Hip Hammock Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled the Playtex Hip Hammock due to buckle failure. The product can cause a fall hazard for an infant and has been linked to at least two reports of injuries. These recalled hip hammocks were sold in major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Burlington Coat Factory. Continue reading for more information. This article is based on consumer reports. This article will outline the safety issues associated with this hip hammock.

The most important safety issue with this child carrier is that it is difficult to adjust, and there is no way to get a child into it without assistance. This can cause serious head, face and leg injuries. Since children cannot vocalize their injuries, it’s critical to wear a child carrier when going on a long walk. Instead, we recommend using a sling. If you are unsure whether a hammock is safe for your child’s safety, do some research.

The Hip Hammock’s affordability is another benefit. This hammock is made in small batches by a designer and can be purchased for less than $50. This hammock is a great choice for people who have a tight budget but don’t want too much. The Hip Hammock is safe for a child of fifteen pounds to 35 pounds, and it is also easy to fold and store. To keep toys close at hand, there’s a keychain hook as well as a toy hook.

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