Philipp Plein Net Worth

Philipp Plein Net Worth

Philipp Plein is a revolutionary fashion designer who defies convention. While his provocative shows and outre designs may cause unease within the industry, they have not hindered his brand from becoming an unstoppable force in fashion – with an estimated personal net worth estimated to exceed $180 Million and one of the highest revenue margins among all designers worldwide.

Philipp Plein is the founder of Philipp Plein International Group, including Plein Sport and Billionaire Couture brands. In addition to these businesses, Plein is also known for his celebrity design work for Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg and Naomi Campbell – even designing clothing lines for AS Roma football club!

Philipp Plein’s namesake brand was launched in 1998 and since has seen tremendous growth – now boasting a worldwide wholesale turnover of more than $226 million, over 120 mono-brand Philipp Plein stores, 500 retail clients who carry his lines, and numerous showrooms located throughout cities such as Milan, New York, and Hong Kong.

Plein began his career as a lawyer before opting to leave law school to try his luck at design instead. Starting out designing furniture before gradually switching his focus towards clothing design. Plein is now a self-made billionaire and credits his success solely to hard work.

Plein has expanded his brand beyond fashion into lifestyle, restaurant and automobile ownership with homes located in Manhattan, Cannes and Italy as well as an expansive social media following that allows him to promote the collections with ease.

Plein is still quite modest despite his immense wealth and doesn’t consider himself rich. While some criticize his fashion choices as tasteless and his practice of posting photos online showing muscled male torsos covered in tattoos; regardless of these criticisms he remains an accomplished fashion designer with an incredible net worth.

Plein’s recent collections may not feature as much glitz and glitter, yet he retains enough rebellious style to remain popular with younger consumers. He has become a darling of fashion industry and his designs can often be seen worn by models in young age groups; so much so, that many fashion industry insiders refer to him as the “bad boy of fashion”.

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