Philip Michael Thomas Net Worth

Psychic Spokesman Philip Michael Thomas Net Worth

If you want to know how much Psychic spokesman Philip Michael Thomas makes, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find out how much he earns and where he started his career. He attended San Bernardino High School and Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. While he was in college, Thomas landed his first film role. During his teenage years, he began acting in local gospel productions.

Psychic spokesman philip michael thomas

The net worth of Psychic spokesman Philip Michael Thomas is estimated at $2.5 million. The figure is calculated by taking into account his monthly salary, primary source of income, and other items such as cars and lifestyle. Here are some sources of his wealth. Philip is a member of the Psychic Reader’s Network.

His career started with small roles in commercials, made-for-TV movies, and a spokesman for a cell phone company. He then landed a deal with a Florida-based Psychic Reader’s Community. He soon became a spokesman for the company, and claimed to have met some of the world’s most respected psychics. He also appeared in a number of infomercials, often dressed as his Miami Vice alter-ego, and even made an appearance with his co-stars Eileen Brennan and Todd McKee.

Philip Thomas is a vegetarian, and avoids smoking and alcohol. He has five children from his first marriage to Kassandra Thomas. He also has six other children from previous relationships. He is currently 71 years old.

Psychic spokesman philip michael thomas’ earnings

Psychic spokesman Philip Michael Thomas has earned a net worth of $2.2 million. He has performed on television, and his most notable role was playing detective Ricardo Tubbs on Miami Vice. He also has appeared in several made-for-TV movies and has been a spokesperson for Nextones. Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio, but is of Irish, Native American, and German descent. His mother is Irish.

Psychic spokesman philip michael thomas’ early roles

Philip Michael Thomas is a famous actor who has appeared in many television shows, movies and commercials. In the 1980s he starred in the TV series Miami Vice. He has also appeared in numerous ads and commercials for different products, including cell phone services. In 1994, he signed a contract with the Psychic Readers Network.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Thomas broke into acting in his early twenties. His first role was in the 1972 blaxploitation film Come Back, Charleston Blue. He played the role of a minister. After that, he played minor roles in several films. In the following years, he appeared in other films and television series, including “Griff” and “Good Times.”

Philip Michael Thomas also performed voice-overs for several video games, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The role was a mirror version of Tubbs, who was seeking revenge for the death of his brother. He reprised the role in the 2006 prequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Psychic spokesman philip michael thomas’ career

During his acting career, Philip Michael Thomas has been accused of using his celebrity to promote various psychic services. He is a former spokesperson for a network that uses his name to promote phone psychic services. However, Thomas has denied any wrongdoing. Instead, he has fought for the right to protect his name. He has also sued Psychic Readers Network, the company that employs him.

Thomas has been in the spotlight since the early ’90s, when he was first nominated for a Grammy Award. He has also been nominated for a People’s Choice Award and a Golden Globe. But despite his successful career, he has yet to win any of these awards, despite being nominated for several.

Despite the many achievements in his acting career, Thomas has yet to make a big break as an actor. Until the mid-’90s, Thomas was an actor, and he had a major role in Miami Vice. The show will be available on Starz commercial-free in 2021. However, Thomas’ acting career has yet to reach the heights of the ’90s. He worked on the Italian TV show We Are Angels in 1997.

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