Phil Margera Net Worth

Phil Margera Net Worth – How Much Is Phil Margera Worth?

Phil Margera is an American actor, TV personality, and stuntman best known for his roles in Viva la Bam and the CKY videos; however he has also appeared in Jackass TV series and movies as well as Celebrity Fit Club and in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 video game as part of World Destruction Tour crew.

He has had a history of substance abuse and legal troubles, yet now appears committed to improving himself and enhancing his public image. He is known as an attentive father figure and actively involved with supporting his son’s career and projects. Additionally, his presence at skateboarding events and within the skating community have cemented his position within popular culture.

Phil is estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $3 Million. A large chunk of that wealth has come from acting roles on television shows and movies as well as endorsement deals he has signed. Phil enjoys spending time with family and has various hobbies; yet prefers living a simple lifestyle despite all his success.

Born 13 July 1957 in Concordville Pennsylvania United States. At 57, his age has not stopped him from reaching all his lifelong goals. Married to April Margera since 1979; they have two children together: Bam and Jess Margera.

Margera and his friends formed the CKY Crew in the early 1990s and began producing skateboarding and stunt videos that quickly garnered massive online views, thanks to their daredevil stunts and hilarious antics. Soon enough, MTV picked up on this trend, featuring them on popular programs like Viva La Bam and Jackass.

Phil and April also host a radio show called The Big Bang with Phil and April. Phil has an excellent sense of humor and always maintains an optimistic disposition, as well as being extremely approachable and friendly towards fans of his show.

At his show, he also provides voice-overs for commercials. Additionally, he has made appearances in several movies and TV shows including Viva la Bam, Haggard: The Movie, Minghags and Jackass 2. His most well-known role was in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, where he joined the World Destruction Tour crew wearing nothing but underwear and dress socks. Additionally, he is renowned for being an exceptional dancer as well as participating in musical productions; also an accomplished singer with drumming experience and drum teacher training skills. Phil is an expert martial artist, possessing a black belt in Kenpo. In addition, he boasts an extremely strong physique. Phil enjoys sports and motorcycling – possessing an extensive collection of cars and bikes in his garage; in an interview he stated his wish of one day owning a Porsche 911 Turbo.

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