Petri Hawkins-byrd Net Worth

Petri Hawkins-Byrd Net Worth

Petri Hawkins-Byrd is a bailiff on the court show Judge Judy. He is also known for his starring roles in several major movies. He is married to Markita Bond Byrd. In addition to his television roles, Petri is a philanthropist and an activist.

Petri Hawkins-Byrd is an American television personality

Bailiff Byrd is an American television personality who plays the role of a bailiff. She is best known as the bailiff on the popular court show. Petri Hawkins-Byrd’s real name is Petri Hawkins-Byrd.

Hawkins-Byrd was born in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Hostos Community College and began her career as a bailiff in the Brooklyn court system. Later, she moved to the Family Court in Manhattan and worked for Judge Judith Sheindlin. Hawkins-Byrd went on to earn a Criminal Justice degree from John Jay College. She later got married and had four children.

Hawkins-Byrd is currently the co-host of the Emmy award-winning CBS network court drama “Judge Judy”. She has also risen to fame as an actor and has acted in a number of motion pictures and television shows. She is also an accomplished voiceover artist and performs stand-up comedy.

He is a bailiff on the court program Judge Judy

Petri Hawkins-Byr, better known as Bailiff Byrd, is an American bailiff who appears on court programs. The bailiff, who is not actually a judge, helps a judge resolve a case through negotiation. His role is an important one, since it allows judges to focus on their jobs.

Petri Hawkins-Byr, who has been on the show for over 25 seasons, is leaving the role of bailiff on Judge Judy. His replacement will be Kevin Rasco. This announcement is a big change for the show and has sparked some controversy in the entertainment industry.

Byrd has extensive experience as a bailiff. He started working for the New York court system in the late 1980s. He has since been a bailiff for Sheindlin in the New York court system. In addition to his acting and singing skills, he also has extensive experience as a bailiff. He also hosts a show on Instagram Live.

He has starred in several major motion pictures

Petri Hawkins-Byrrd has been in several movies and television shows, most notably “Fear PHarm 2.” She recently made two guest appearances on The Doctors and voices a character on Disney+’s “The Proud Family.” In addition to her acting career, Hawkins-Byrd works as a voiceover artist and part-time speaker. She is currently seeking other acting opportunities.

While Byrd enjoys acting, he also loves law. In fact, his time as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal in San Mateo began when he was offered a position as a student counselor at Monte Vista High School. He was earning about $30,000 a year at the time, and on the side, he delivered pizzas.

He is married to Markita Bond Byrd

Petri Hawkins-Byrde married Markita Bond Byrd on May 4, 2019. Both are former Judge Judy cast members. The couple met on the set of the popular show in 2012. After a brief date at a comedy show, they lost contact. Fortunately, they got back together through a text message.

Petri Hawkins-Byrrd is a television personality and former bailiff for Judge Judy. She is the mother of her husband’s four children. The couple separated in 1980, but later got back together after five months of therapy. They have two daughters together, Isabella, and Luca.

Petri Hawkins-Byrrd and Makita Bond Byrd are married after years of friendship. Their relationship started as best friends but later grew to become more. They shared a great sense of humor and often joked with each other. The couple got married in March 2019. Makita and Petri enjoyed traveling and being outdoors. Their relationship was a success despite the couple’s cancer.

He has four children

Petri Hawkins-Byrt is a television personality and an inspirational speaker. She is active in charity causes and works with troubled youths through her nonprofit mentoring program, Teach Them to Fish. She and her four children live in Elk Grove, California.

Petri Hawkins-Byrrd is an African-American who joined Judge Judy in 1996. She is an important character on the show and is friends with judge Judy Sheindlin. She has four children with her wife, Felicia. She changed her last name to Hawkins to honor her late mother, Petri Hawkins-Byrd.

She moved to San Mateo in 1990 and accepted a job as a student counselor at Monte Vista High School. The pay was around $30,000 a year. She worked on the side and made a living delivering pizzas. Sheindlin then called her to offer her position.

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