Patrick 90 Day Fiance Net Worth

Patrick 90 Day Fiance Net Worth

Patrick Mendes’ net worth is not entirely clear. The 90 Day Fiance star is a door-to-door home security salesman who is also a musician and weightlifter. However, we do know that he has a home he recently sold. The home was listed for $479,900 in April of 2018 and he purchased it with a mortgage.

Patrick Mendes is an acupuncturist

You may be wondering how Patrick Mendes is able to afford such a lavish lifestyle. He is actually a door-to-door salesman. His salary is enough to buy a nice house and several cars. This is how he affords to spoil his fiancee with so many gifts.

Mendes is also a heavy weightlifter. He is a three-time world champion in the sport. He started weight lifting at the age of nine and trained for a year and a half. He later joined the U.S. national weight lifting team and competed in the Pan American Games and the World Championships. He also started training for the 2012 Olympics, but his career ended because he tested positive for HGH. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, which is banned in sports competitions.

He’s a door-to-door home security salesman

In a recent interview, Patrick Walsh revealed that he makes around $260,000 a year as a door-to-door home security selling man. That is a great amount of money for a door-to-door home security seller. However, this salary isn’t the full extent of his wealth. He started off as a door-to-door home alarm salesman but now lists himself as a Regional Sales Manager.

In his 90-day relationship with Thais, Patrick provided her with a lavish lifestyle. With his salary, he bought a large house and several cars, and spoiled Thais with extravagant gifts. However, he wasn’t ready to share all his money with Thais. He promised that he would be more open with her about his finances once the two were married.

He’s a musician

Patrick 90 day fiance net worth is a little bit unclear, but his net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $400,000. As a musician, he has spent the past decade performing in clubs and DJ’ing all over the world. He is also a former weightlifter and has managed sales teams in the past.

As a professional weightlifter, Patrick Mendes had a lot of success in his career, but he failed drug tests, and his career was over. He tested positive for illegal substances twice. After losing his job, Patrick and Thais remarried and moved into Thais’ former Austin home. However, Thais expressed her displeasure with the size of her new house in Dallas.

He’s a weightlifter

Patrick has a weightlifting background and has posted several videos on Instagram. While he doesn’t speak Portuguese fluently, he has made sure to keep his physique in tip-top shape. Fans of 90 Day Fiance have also reacted to Patrick’s weightlifting background. They were upset that the weightlifter had moved into Thais’ apartment, but Thais quickly gets over her concerns.

Patrick and Thais’ relationship didn’t start with the show. They met on a dating app. Patrick revealed his transformation to Thais. He got a new hairstyle, got his back waxed, and even had his face tanned. He had a couple of pounds to lose for her, but his real passion in life was weightlifting. He calls himself a 3x National Champion in the sport.

He’s a real estate investor

When it comes to his net worth, Patrick 90 Day Fiance has a surprisingly low starting point. He was a successful weightlifter and owns a home near Austin, Texas. Before becoming a real estate investor, he worked as a car salesman. That career earned him millions of dollars.

Pedro, who also appeared on 90 Day Fiance, has a real estate license. After the show wrapped, he tried his hand as a gamer and influencer. He eventually found his feet in the real estate business in the United States. In the following years, he has worked in various real estate fields, including real estate investing.

He’s an entrepreneur

While his net worth might seem small, entrepreneur Patrick Mendes has been making a lot of money in recent years. He is a general manager of Vivint Smart Home, a company that sells home security systems to homeowners in North America. Before he founded the company, he was a car salesman. Today, he has made millions of dollars with his business.

Another 90 Day Fiance star with a high net worth is Colt Johnson. After the show, he was married to Juliana and had a house worth over $1 million. However, his relationship ended in divorce. He now has a very busy life as the co-founder of Licataa Wine and the principal of MJAG, LLC.

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