Omarion Net Worth 2022

Omarion Net Worth 2022

Omarion Net Worth 2022: Omari Ishmael Grandberry was born November 12th 1984 in Inglewood California to Leslie Burrell and Trent Grandberry and is an American singer/songwriter who has earned millions through his tenure in B2K (an R&B boy band) as well as through solo musical ventures. Throughout his career he has produced critically acclaimed albums while appearing in both films and television series.

Omar is the founder of StarrWorld Entertainment and enjoys an immense revenue stream from record sales, hit singles, collaborations with other artists, brand endorsement deals and brand partnerships. On average he makes around $100K monthly from music alone! In addition, his personal investments have seen his total net worth skyrocket; owning a luxurious house featured on MTV Cribs as well as numerous expensive cars has significantly added to this.

R&B singer and dancer Rashad also keeps busy with other pursuits outside his career as a performer, such as fashion design (he created his clothing line called Circle of Culture) and traveling (he has visited over 70 countries around the globe). Additionally, Rashad boasts an enormous social media following as he regularly appears on Hollywood red carpet events.

Omarion remains single and has not been seen together since his divorce with Jennifer Lopez was finalized in 2011. Since 2014, Omarion has been dating actress and model Apryl Jones; together they welcomed Megaa Omari Grandberry that August as well as A’mei Kazuko Grandberry two years later. Unfortunately, however, they separated in 2016 and haven’t seen each other again since.

Omarion boasts an extensive and impressive car collection that features Mercedes Benz CL 500s, Range Rover Sports, Hummers H2s and an Aston Martin Vanquish – as well as several luxurious watches and jewellery pieces such as an Oyster Rolex worth over $24,000! He has invested much of his earnings into real estate properties as well. This includes owning two mansions in Ladera Ranch, California that were featured on MTV show Cribs as well as additional properties in Los Angeles and purchasing both a yacht and jet ski – along with horseback riding and photography as interests. He boasts an enormous following on both Instagram and Twitter; in total over 3 Million people follow him across both platforms! Additionally, he regularly engages with his fans on these platforms. Omarion frequently uploads videos of his performances and updates, as well as sharing his views and opinions on various subjects. He is known to spread positivity among his followers with every post; inspiring many all over the world with each one. We look forward to more from Omarion in the future; he serves as an amazing role model for younger generations.

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