Omar Gooding Net Worth

Omar Gooding Net Worth

Omar Gooding is an American actor, rapper, and comedian who starred in many hit movies and television shows. He was born on October 19, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles with his wife Mia Vogel. They share a son named Omar Jr.

Omar Gooding grew up in a musical family. His mother, Shirley Sullivan, was a member of The Main Ingredient. Eventually, they moved to Toluca Lake, 5 miles from Hollywood. This move inspired Omar to pursue an acting career. In 1990, he landed his first acting role in the film Ghost Dad.

After a few years of acting, he found success with his roles on popular TV shows like Wild & Crazy Kids, Smart Guy, and Hanging With Mr. Cooper. At one point, he was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.

While he has earned a significant amount of money through his roles in television and movies, Omar is also a successful rap artist. He has a large number of followers on his Instagram account and is active on Twitter. However, he isn’t very active on Facebook.

The actor has two adult sons, a daughter, and a soon-to-be teenage daughter. He has been accused of sexually abusing a woman in a New York nightclub in 2022. As of August 2020, a total of 30 people have filed complaints against Gooding.

Before becoming an actor, Gooding started his career as a rapper. He recorded songs under the name Big O. In 2000, he lent his voice to Static Shock.

Gooding has worked on numerous short-lived series, including Playmakers and Barbershop. He was featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled Superfreak. Recently, he has been working on his first feature film. Several of his songs describe him as intelligent and funny.

Omar Gooding has a net worth of $2 million. Unlike other celebrities, he doesn’t live a private life. But he does have a few affairs. One of his girlfriends was Angell Conwell. She was an actress who dated him for several years.

Gooding has also appeared on the television show Deadwood. He acted as Earvin Rodman in that show. Some of his other movies include The Ernest Green Story, Baby Boy, and Ghost Dad.

Aside from acting, Gooding has also made a good fortune through the promotion of his own merchandise. He is also known for his voicework on the Static Shock video game.

He is also a philanthropist. As a founding member of the Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, the Omar Gooding Foundation, he has helped to fund projects such as the development of parks and playgrounds in Los Angeles. During the early stages of his career, he dated actress Angell Conwell. Their relationship began in 2001, and they remained together for four years. On Valentine’s Day in 2017, they confirmed that they are still together.

Despite being a successful actor, Gooding has a lot more to offer. His father, Cuba Gooding Jr., is an Academy Award-winning actor and rapper. And his mother, Shirley Sullivan, is a singer and dancer. Both his parents have a combined net worth of $15 million.

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