Obi Cubana Net Worth 2021

Obi Cubana Net Worth 2021

Obi Cubana, one of Nigeria’s acclaimed businessmen with an impressive net worth. He amassed his fortune through hospitality businesses such as restaurants, clubs and hotels; as well as through significant charitable donations to organizations. In 2020 alone he held his mother’s burial ceremony which attracted prominent figures from varying fields.

He recently opened up his luxurious Abuja house for his friends to tour. It features an enormous swimming pool and home cinema – among many other world-class amenities – in addition to mansions in both his hometown and on Lagos Island. Furthermore, he boasts an impressive car collection, including multiple Rolls Royce models as well as top brands in his garage.

Personal Information: He is happily married to Ebele Iyiegbu, whom he refers to as his “mother of boys”. Together they have four sons; Alex, Ifeanyi, Ebube and Kosisochukwu. Ebele works as a lawyer by profession and founded KIEK Foundation as a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving lives of less privileged children through education, health, nutrition and child-centric governance.

His remarkable tale of going from poverty to riches has served as a role model to many young people across the country, and today he stands as one of Africa’s wealthiest show promoters and businessmen.

Cubana holds endorsement deals with top companies like Bullet Energy Drink, Geely Nigeria and Mikano Motors – as well as being appointed brand ambassador of Moet Hennessy LVMH Group.

As a multi-millionaire, he has developed several luxurious hotels and clubs in Nigeria including Club Xhrine in Owerri, Abuja and Lagos; Ibadan Hotel will cost millions; in addition he owns various properties which range from luxurious cars worth millions of naira to several properties around Ibadan that will soon open.

His net worth encompasses additional sources of income such as investments and the profits from various ventures he pursues. Most recently, he purchased a 2022 Mercedes Benz Maybach S580 guard 4matic bulletproof car costing over 250 Million Naira.

Obi Cubana is well known in his village as an extremely generous individual who gives back to the community in many ways. He has built several schools there and sponsored funerals of those who have passed on, in addition to owning a football team which competes both locally and internationally, winning several titles along the way. Furthermore, he owns a veterinary hospital there too and serves as an excellent role model for young people while being well respected among everyone; not forgetting his extensive following on social media and celebrity status within entertainment circles!

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