Natanael Cano Net Worth

Natanael Cano Net Worth

We can’t deny the fact that Natanael Cano is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. His channel has over one million subscribers and he earns over $350,000 a year. In addition, he has a car that he drives himself – an Audi R8. Nonetheless, you might be wondering how he’s accumulated such a large net worth.

Natanael Cano is a singer and composer from Mexico

Natanael Cano was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and began singing at the age of nine. At the age of 13, he picked up the guitar and learned the song Rayando el Sol by Mana. After that, he focused on local Mexican corridos and was inspired by the music of Ariel Camacho.

Originally from Mexico, Natanael Cano is based in Los Angeles, California. His music is a mix of Mexican corridos and American hip hop, and he has a solid following on social media. Cano has released three albums and is signed to Rancho Humilde. He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Cano is now signed to Rancho Humilde, an urban regional Mexican record label led by Jimmy Humilde. Jimmy Humilde was looking for new corridos singers to sign to his label. In early 2019, Cano met with Humilde, who decided to fly him to LA. Then he started releasing singles on YouTube and SoundCloud. This led to widespread attention for early tracks like “El de la Codeina”.

He makes more than $350,000 a year

It is not known exactly how much Natanael Cano makes. However, the artist does have multiple sources of income. His income may come from product sales, sponsorships, and affiliate commissions, as well as speaking engagements. The singer started his career at the age of 16, uploading guitar cover videos on YouTube. He quickly gathered a small fan base and signed a recording contract with Rancho Humilde, a renowned label in Mexico.

In recent years, the artist has continued to release music, including several collaborations with brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon. He has a massive YouTube following and earns more than $350,000 a year through product endorsements.

He has a YouTube channel that generates him around $81.8 thousand per month

Natanael Cano is a musician from Mexico, and he uses his YouTube channel to make money. Since starting his channel in 2020, he has amassed over 1.57 million subscribers and over 20 million monthly views. His channel is monetized, which means that he earns $3 to $7 per view. In total, Cano generates more than $81.8 thousand dollars a month with his channel.

Natanael Cano was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, where he developed an early interest in music. He began performing at local parties and family gatherings at age nine. Although he never attended a music school, he never gave up on his dream of becoming a singer.

He has a net worth of approximately $3 billion

Natanael Cano is a popular singer and composer from Mexico. His net worth is estimated at $3 million US, and his annual income is estimated to be around $350,000 per year. The young singer and songwriter is known for his unique blend of American trap music and traditional Mexican corridos. He was one of the first artists to blend these genres, and his original style has attracted millions of fans.

Cano earned his net worth mainly from music sales, endorsement deals, and other income streams. His music videos have garnered him over a million dollars in earnings. His social media presence has also contributed to his net worth.

He is still in his twenties

Mexican rapper, singer, and songwriter Natanael Cano is still young at heart. He is incredibly creative and dedicated to his craft. He views his YouTube channel and music videos as a way to share his music with the world. His music videos quickly gathered a huge audience and he soon began to monetize his videos. In the process, he has built a net worth of $3 billion.

While Cano is still young, he is already an influential figure in Mexican music. His unique style combines guitar-driven Mexican balladry with trap and hip-hop. As a result, he has inspired some of the biggest Latin stars to experiment with sound and genre. Bad Bunny remixed Cano’s song “Soy El Diablo,” and Eladio Carrion invited him to drop bars on his remix of “Ele Uve.” His work has also been featured in films and music videos, including “The Fault in Our Stars.”

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