Nancy Kovack Net Worth

Nancy Kovack Net Worth – How Much Is Nancy Kovack Worth?

Nancy Kovack first made waves as an American actress through her performance in the 1963 family action adventure movie Jason and the Argonauts, following Greek hero Jason on his quest for golden fleece. Since 1963, Nancy has been working in entertainment industry with over fifty years of acting experience under her belt – earning a satisfactory income as an actor, television series star (Burke’s Law, The Silencers, FBI Bewitched Mannix among many more), retiring from acting and now living happily ever after with Zubin Mehta!

Nancy Kovack was born March 11, 1935 in Flint, Michigan USA to Michael A. Kovack who oversaw a facility for General Motors. As a teenager Nancy competed in multiple beauty pageants; winning eight by age 20. At age 19 she enrolled at University of Michigan and graduated by age 19.

She began acting with stage roles before transitioning into movies. She first appeared in three Iranian productions before transitioning into US productions, boasting an impressive list of credits including being nominated for an Emmy for an episode of Mannix television show from 1969.

She made numerous guest appearances on popular television series as well, such as CBS’ Burke’s Law from 1963-1965 and ABC’s Bewitched from 1965 to 1978 – playing Darrin’s former flame Shelia in many episodes and becoming an iconic part of both series.

Notable film appearances by her include the 1966 box office hit, The Silencers. With earnings exceeding its budget by nearly 16 times, it became one of the highest grossing movies of 1966. Additionally, she acted in TV series Frankie and Johnny as well as other movies.

Nancy has always had an intense affection for animals and she owns several pets as well as being involved with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Additionally, gardening, swimming and reading are some of her passions.

Nancy Mehta is married to Zubin Mehta, an Indian orchestral conductor and music director. The couple shares two children who remain anonymous due to privacy. Nancy first met Zubin during a musical venue and they quickly fell in love. Since 1969 they have been happily together – traveling the globe, frequently holding hands at public events, as well as public displays of affection such as holding hands at various events or locations.

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