Mike Lookinland Net Worth

Mike Lookinland Net Worth

Mike Lookinland was born in 1960 and became best-known for his iconic role of Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch from 1969-1974. Additionally, he has appeared in other movies and TV shows; also acting in several commercials for various companies; serving as spokesperson for Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance as well as running a business providing decorative concrete solutions.

He is married to Kelly Wermuth and has two children. He began acting at age 7, appearing in commercials for products like Cheerios cereal, Band-Aid bandages and toys before being cast as Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch for 10 seasons (1974 to 1979 and onward). Additionally he had several film roles such as The Towering Inferno (1974) and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003).

Lookinland enjoys spending his free time with his family. He and his wife love hiking together and own a ranch in Utah’s mountainous terrain. In order to remain active and lead a healthy life, Lookinland keeps up an extensive workout regimen while adhering to a nutritious diet.

As it can be hard to determine his net worth with absolute precision, an estimate suggests he has an annual income of approximately $3 Million from acting roles such as The Brady Bunch and its spinoffs plus other appearances that do not pertain to this show and other appearances that do not fall into its purview. He also owns various business ventures such as producing concrete countertops.

Mike Lookinland was raised in a Mormon family and has an older sister and younger brother who both also act. He attended Chadwick School before briefly enrolling at the University of Utah before dropping out in order to focus on acting full-time. To date, Lookinland has 24 acting credits under his belt – most notable among them being his role in The Brady Bunch series.

He is an immensely talented actor whose success in Hollywood has allowed him to build up a massive bank account. His net worth is testament to his hard work and commitment to his craft; now, one of America’s most celebrated celebrities, his wealth reflects this dedication. An inspiration to many young actors, his success has given him confidence to pursue his goals with pride; it also makes him a wonderful husband and father – acting as an excellent role model for men of all generations.

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