Matt’s Off Road Recovery Net Worth

Matt’s Off Road Recovery Net Worth

Matt’s Off Road Recovery is an immensely popular YouTube channel where Matt Wetzel, an off-road truck driver from Hurricane, Utah shares his daily adventures as a towing professional. His videos focus on saving off-roaders and regular people alike from difficult situations with his impressive 4×4 trucks and other cool rigs. Unfortunately, however, his dual business ownership and YouTube hero status may soon come crashing down: insurance fraud charges could destroy his career altogether.

James doesn’t work alone: He relies on a team composed of his wife Jaymie, their four children, and an assistant named Ed to assist with his business in Southern Utah, particularly around Zion National Park. However, occasionally they travel further north to help people in need.

Since it first launched in late 2017, this channel has experienced tremendous growth – it currently boasts over 1.24 million subscribers and 13,000 uploads!

Matt shares both his own experiences as well as tips and tricks with other off-roaders online, making videos to assist fellow off-roaders. His knowledge of the industry is outstanding and infectious – which is no doubt why so many people gravitate toward him and his content.

Matt’s Off Road Recovery’s video content on YouTube stands out due to its unusual subject matter: Towing. Additionally, its thrilling adventures keep people tuned in.

Matt’s Off Road Recovery provides more than towing and rescue for off-road vehicles; they also share knowledge on racing and camping for off-roaders. Matt is an expert when it comes to off-road racing having previously participated in the Baja 1000 race!

Matt is part of a close-knit family unit. He and Jaymie have been married for 20 years, raising four children together. Jaymie also helps him run his towing company by performing administrative work and customer support duties.

Matt may not be as private as other YouTube stars, but he still manages to keep his personal life away from public view – perhaps as an attempt to protect himself from jealousy or hate from haters.

Matt hasn’t let drama deter his journey to success; instead he has continued posting high-quality videos and building his following. Now on the cusp of surpassing 3 million subscribers and perhaps surpassing 5 million before this year is up, you may wish to watch his videos below by following one of the links!

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