Mary Elizabeth Mcdonough Net Worth

Mary Elizabeth McDonough Net Worth

Mary Elizabeth McDonough is a well-known American actress and writer who has amassed significant wealth through her professional pursuits. Since 1971, this 62 year old actress has made considerable sums from acting roles she has undertaken.

McDonough is an iconic face and has appeared in various films and TV shows over her long career, most notably as Erin Walton in The Waltons series from American television. Additionally, her other acting credits include roles on shows like ER, Picket Fences, Will and Grace, Boston Legal Mom Heaven etc… She is also an author, having published books that relate to her experiences within entertainment industry.

One Year was published in 2016 and follows three generations of Irish-American women over time. Her second novel, Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane was then published later that same year and later made into a Hallmark Channel film starring Alicia Witt and Colin Ferguson. Additionally, Erin Walton herself has written her memoir entitled Lessons From the Mountain: What I Learned From Erin Walton.

McDonough is a graduate of the University of Nebraska who has won various acting awards and been widely lauded by critics for her performances. Additionally, she writes for various magazines such as Huffington Post and New York Times and advocates tirelessly for women’s rights as an activist.

According to her birth date, actress Natalie Portman is on life path number 8. This number symbolizes natural leaders and those not afraid of taking risks in life; additionally it indicates her ambition and willpower – two traits essential for success in any profession or life endeavor.

The star possesses a stunning physical appearance and charming personality. She stands 5 feet 8 inches and maintains a healthy body weight; her eyes are green while she sports light brown locks; however, no details regarding her physical features have been divulged in public.

McDonough has achieved considerable success as an actor and writer; however, her personal life has become difficult in recent years. In an interview with In the Know Plastic Surgery Awareness she revealed she suffers from lupus erythematosus; its symptoms having started after she underwent breast enhancement procedures. Furthermore, financial issues caused by debt have caused great distress to McDonough as well.

McDonough remains committed to her dream of being an established writer and actress and works hard in her profession. Currently, the celebrated star boasts a net worth of $2 Million while choosing to keep her private life under wraps – living with husband Don in California where they are raising their daughter, Sydnee Wickstrom. In addition, together they are currently developing a television show which should debut soon.

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