Martin Macneill Net Worth

Martin MacNeill Net Worth – How Much Is Martin MacNeill Worth?

Michele MacNeill was discovered dead in her bathtub in 2007 and physician Martin MacNeill was found guilty of killing her. He used heroin and left her alone to die before using her identity to pay debts incurred from Gypsy Willis; additionally he sexually abused their daughter Alexis.

Alexis, now 21, had always idolized her father and wanted to follow in his footsteps as a medical professional, so when it was discovered he was lying about his military service and other aspects, she was taken aback and infuriated that someone she so deeply cared for could potentially steal and murder others.

She was determined to uncover the truth about her father and what he was really up to, and soon discovered his web of lies and attempts at suicide, while his brother Roy died after twice trying to take his own life.

Days before her mother died, Michele warned Alexis of her father’s proclivity toward violent crimes. Shocked at what she found upon searching Damian MacNeill on social media platforms as being violent, Alexis entered his name into a search engine and was shocked to see disturbing tweets made about his violent tendencies on Twitter.

Alexis visited her father in prison and found he showed no reaction when the verdict was read, refusing to respond to any of her inquiries or even move his head when given his death sentence. It became evident he had no qualms with doing whatever was necessary in order to achieve his goal, even if that meant taking life from others or his own.

Over two decades in showbiz, she has made appearances in TV shows and movies such as Confetti, Baroness von Sketch Show, Pretty Hard Cases and Man Stroke Woman. Known for her comedic roles and character actress roles, she holds 19 acting credits, 2 writing credits and one production credit on IMDb.

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