Kienan Robert Kovalski Net Worth

Kienan Robert Kovalski, more commonly known by his YouTube username Poofesure, is an influential video game content creator and YouTube user who specializes in gaming videos on various consoles (Wii included).

He is known for his intense gaming sessions and often vents his fury through violence during gameplay, shattering several Wii Remotes and two television sets in a fit of gaming rage.

Early Life and Education

Kienan Robert Kovalski, more commonly known by his YouTube username Poofesure, is an American video game content creator with a huge following on both channels. He’s best-known for creating humorous and rage-inducing gaming videos while also earning recognition with music releases and vlogs.

Poofesure has not revealed much about his personal life and tends to keep any details about his private affairs out of his videos. Born 16 February 1995 in Manistee, Michigan and starting his YouTube channel in 2009 mainly to upload Wii gameplay videos, his popularity skyrocketed due to his short temper and angry reactions during gaming sessions; breaking 12 Wii remotes and several TVs while doing so! Furthermore he is self-declared cat person claiming that they can talk back.

Professional Career

Kienan Robert Kovalski, better known by his YouTube gaming handle Poofesure, has become an internationally popular YouTube gamer for his content on various games; most notably Wii Sports and Fortnite videos. Furthermore, Poofesure streams frequently via Twitch.

He first began uploading gameplay videos of various video games onto YouTube in 2009 and initially focused on Call of Duty before transitioning into Fortnite. His channel gained a large following quickly due to his trademark “rage moments,” breaking several Wii Remotes during playback. He has collaborated with brands such as GFuel and Honey for advertising opportunities; currently living alone in Florida while enjoying spending days indoors with cats as a companion.

Achievement and Honors

Kienan Robert Kovalski, better known by his YouTube username Poofesure is an American comedian and video game content creator with an immense following on YouTube, where he regularly uploads gameplay videos of various games he is playing. He is particularly noted for his short temper and intense gameplay sessions in particular games as well as his distinct, psychotic laugh.

Poofesure began his channel in March 2009 with an emphasis on Call of Duty glitches and bugs, including “Call of Duty 5 Wii Cliffside Glitches,” which quickly amassed five million views. Although he took an extended hiatus from YouTube between 2014 and 2017, when he focused on online gaming instead, his YouTube presence continues to enjoy widespread popularity among his subscribers.

Personal Life

Kienan Robert Kovalski, commonly referred to by his online moniker of Poofesure, has earned widespread fame through posting gameplay videos on his official YouTube channel and sharing them. His unique approach and quick temper have cemented him as an icon within the gaming community.

His channel features a range of video games, primarily Wii titles. He has gained considerable traction on Twitch as he hosts popular videos such as “Crashing Papa’s Wingeria by Giving Taylor 1,026 Wings,” which have over 4.5 Million views combined.

He’s currently single, focused on his career as a full-time content creator, and owns an array of Miis; they include his girlfriend Abby from Wii Sports Club as well as Elisa, her rival from another Wii game.

Net Worth

Kienan Robert Kovalski, better known by his YouTube handle Poofesure, has become widely renowned for his comedic gaming videos on Wii console video games. Additionally, he hosts live gaming streams and is well known for expressing rage during gameplay sessions.

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