Kevin Wenstob Net Worth

Kevin Wenstob Net Worth

Wenstob Timber, one of the last independent sawmills on Vancouver Island in Canada, has long been operated by Wenstob himself and remains one of his main sources of employment. A proponent of sustainable forestry – meaning cutting timber without damaging the environment – many environmentalists do not agree with his methods, though his show has become quite popular and viewers often ask how much Big Timber earns as his lead character.

Kevin Wenstob is a star of a popular reality television series and likely boasts a net worth in the millions. His logging company alone generated over $73,000 in income through selling wood sales alone; this does not include earnings from endorsement deals or appearances on show. Kevin’s high return can be explained by their challenges related to working under inclement weather and treacherous terrain conditions.

Wenstob also owns a property in Klitsa Mountain that allows him to harvest and ship hundreds of tons of timber each year, assisted by his crew including Sarah Fleming (his wife) and two of their children; Coleman Willner is 23-years-old and heads the team responsible for loading and transporting logs.

Though Wenstob is a multi-millionaire, his life is not free from stress or drama. Working in the logging industry can often be hazardous and has required him to deal with various health and safety issues; additionally he is vocally opposed to how his business is regulated by Canadian governments.

Big Timber viewers will recognize the difficulties encountered when working as lumbermen in remote locations, from weather conditions and treacherous terrain, equipment malfunctioning and breaking down to bring in enough logs for production to continue uninterrupted – as depicted on screen. Big Timber depicts their efforts as they work to deliver finished products to customers on schedule.

Big Timber’s loggers have made themselves famous by pushing themselves beyond their limits. The trailer for season one of Big Timber reveals all of the hazards these men and women must navigate when doing their jobs, which explains their generous salaries. For more information about Kevin Wenstob net worth be sure to read up on our article about Kevin Wenstob net worth; this information will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether this show is something for you! We hope that you enjoy watching and look forward to reading all your comments below on Big Timber season 1! Have a wonderful day!

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