Kelli Finglass Net Worth

Kelli Finglass Net Worth

Kelli Finglass, director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Kelli has become one of the key influencers within the cheerleading industry since taking this prestigious position. Kelli’s annual earnings from her career and various business ventures make a substantial impactful contribution to her net worth, while her popularity helps secure brand endorsements and partnerships that further bolster it.

Finglass has amassed significant wealth during her five-year professional cheerleading career. Beginning as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in 1984 and quickly rising through their ranks to becoming the DCC director in 1991 – she remains in this position today.

She is known for her high standards and high expectations of DCC members, which has contributed to her success in the cheerleading industry. Furthermore, her dedication and hard work has expanded the DCC brand through merchandise sales and events appearances.

Finglass’s role as DCC Director extends beyond her executive producer status; she has also appeared in multiple television shows and reality series as both an actor and executive producer. Since 2006, Kelli has played the central role on “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team,” an eight-part reality series chronicling auditions and formation of DCC squad. Kelli plays lead role, while former colleague Judy Trammell assists in selecting girls for inclusion into squad.

Kelli Finglass is a married mother with two children. She and Joel Finglass have been in a relationship since 1996 and reside in Coppell, Texas with Ryan as their son and Samantha as their daughter. Kelli enjoys working out and spending time with her family when she can.

Finglass takes time out of her busy schedule to share her views and opinions via social media platforms such as Instagram with over 4 million followers, and hosts an online podcast with her sister Heather where they discuss all things related to DCC and other topics that interest them.

Finglass enjoys spending her free time with family and traveling for vacation. In her philanthropic efforts, such as fundraising for breast cancer research projects, Finglass is involved with several philanthropic endeavors.

Kelli Finglass has proven herself an adept businesswoman by investing wisely across numerous assets and properties, which has allowed her to generate a steady income that she utilizes to finance her lifestyle and seize new opportunities. Kelli’s estimated net worth stands at over $1.5 Million.

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