Keith Colburn Net Worth

Keith Colburn Net Worth

Keith Colburn is an iconic reality TV star best known for his appearances on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch documentary series for over 15 years now and his appearances have won him thousands of fans. Additionally to being a well-loved television personality, Colburn is an expert crab fisherman and business person – his tireless effort has allowed him to amass wealth over his lifetime.

Colburn is captain and owner of FV Wizard, a luxury Bering Sea crab vessel. Since 2005 he has also appeared as part of Deadliest Catch: The Bait and Deadliest Catch: After the Catch spinoff shows. Earnings from his participation have helped increase his net worth significantly.

First-generation fisherman Michael Williamson has made himself known as an experienced and skilled crabber who always rises to meet the challenges presented by fishing season. Additionally, he is known as an enthusiastic philanthropist, having donated money to numerous charities aimed at protecting bodies of water and counteracting climate change. Finally, as an accomplished chef he collaborated with renowned French chef Paul Blanc to launch their own line of cooking sauces.

Colburn remains private about his personal life despite being an accomplished fisherman, providing no information regarding past relationships or his family life. He is however married to Florence Colburn and they share two children – Caelan (son) and Sienna (daughter). Occasionally he posts photos of Florence on Twitter – such as one celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

According to reports, Keith has recently experienced serious health issues. He was recently diagnosed with osteomyelitis – a serious infection affecting bones in his legs, arms, and spine – so has decided not to participate in this year’s season of Deadliest Catch in order to focus on his wellbeing.

Keith may not yet have won any awards, but he is certainly active in his profession and can likely expect that one day. An expert crab fisherman and chef, his popularity on TV show has earned him much acclaim. Additionally, Captain Keith’s Catch is his own line of products featuring sauces and dry rubs; with time this line should become extremely lucrative! Currently living with his family in California.

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