Katherine Long Accident

Katherine Lang Shares Photos of Her Horseback Riding Accident

After a week of recovery, Katherine Kelly Lang is ready to share photos of her horseback riding accident. The pictures show the three broken bones she suffered in the incident. Long was on a Mother’s Day outing with friends, and had planned to ride forty miles. The crash happened when she took a break from her horse at about the 16-mile mark. It is unknown what caused the accident, but the investigation is continuing.

According to initial reports, the cause of the crash has not yet been determined, but it was caused by a wrong-way driver. The accident took place on the President George Bush Turnpike near Midway. Long had attempted to make a U-turn on the wrong side of the road, and continued traveling in the wrong direction, colliding with a black Ford Taurus driven by Joseph M. Wallace, who was driving in the other direction. Long, 22, died on the scene, while Wallace, 53, died later at Medical City Plano.

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