Judge Michelle Sisco

Judge Michelle Sisco

Judge Sisco is a trial lawyer by profession, but she has also been involved in community service. She was the first vice-president of the Beach Park Women’s Club and served on the Junior League community advisory boards. Her family relocated to Tampa, Florida, in 1981, where she attended Plant High School. After college, she attended Vanderbilt University, and then returned to Florida to attend law school. She was previously a prosecutor, and became deputy chief of the Felony Division.

While presiding over Oneal’s trial, Judge Sisco wept during her speech. She described the sound of Kenyatta Barron’s screams, which were captured on the 9-1-1 audio and played throughout the trial. Sisco found the sound frightening, as it sounded like a death scream. She stated that it was impossible to forget the sound. Her presiding officer claimed Kenyatta was dead but she wasn’t.

During the court hearing, the family of Ronnie Oneal III spoke from their hearts and prayed that the jury will find the guilty party. Judge Sisco stated that it was the most difficult case she has ever seen and that she will continue to live with the evidence throughout her life. The judge, a mother of a young daughter, was moved to tears when she spoke about Ron’Niveya. She praised the courage and vigilance of the prosecutors.

Judge Michelle Sisco’s current term expires on January 5, 2027. She won the election without appearing on the ballot in a general election. She did not take part in the 2020 Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey. In the past, she has been a member of the Herbert G. Goldburg-Ron K. Cacciatore Criminal Law American Inn of Court. After a successful career in law, Sisco is set to become a judge for the Thirteenth Circuit Court.

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