Joe Horn Net Worth

Joe Horn Net Worth

Joe Horn net worth is an esteemed American Football player who has won multiple awards throughout his career. Additionally, he is an established businessperson and investor, having made real estate investments. Joe is known for his hard work and dedication in football; thus he serves as an example to others hoping to achieve success in life.

Former NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is also actively engaged in philanthropy, donating both money and time to help Hurricane Katrina victims as well as charities in New Orleans. A member of both Saints Hall of Fame and multiple All-Pro teams, he currently coaches wide receivers at Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) located near Booneville Mississippi.

He earned NFL Pro Bowl distinction twice and played with Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Memphis Mad Dogs of Canadian Football League as well as Memphis Mad Dogs. During his NFL career he caught an iconic game-winning touchdown catch that helped lead the Saints to their inaugural Super Bowl win in 2000 – one which remains among his most memorable performances ever!

Horn has five children from both of his marriages: four from his first and one from his second. Jaycee Horn plays cornerback for the Carolina Panthers and her father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer; treatment is currently ongoing and yet despite this he remains positive and encourages others to follow their dreams.

He is an avid supporter of the New Orleans Saints and regularly attends games, while being featured as a guest on David Letterman’s Late Show as he speaks about his experiences in the NFL and how he overcame obstacles to succeed. He holds strong beliefs in fate, believing everything happens for a reason.

In December 2011, he filed suit against the NFL alleging they failed to adequately treat concussions, leading to brain injuries in players like himself and 11 other players who have since entered guilty pleas in this matter.

Joe Horn is a passionate New Orleans native and enjoys giving back to local causes, particularly victims of Hurricane Katrina and other Gulf area disasters. He has donated money and time to several charities in his region and proudly belongs to the Saints Hall of Fame. Additionally, Joe is an avid collector of sports memorabilia with an extensive collection of autographed jerseys and other rare pieces spanning his football career – even publishing a book detailing it!

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