Jesseca Dupart And Lily James

Jessica Dupart and Lily James

Lil James is the latest addition to the Kaleidoscope Kid family. The self-made entrepreneur recently signed the singer-songwriter as his Kaleidoscope Kid alias. Lil James is currently working on a new music project. Currently, he is also evaluating scripts for possible roles.

Merchant Ivory Productions is the film company

Jessica Dupart and Lily James are longtime romantic and professional partners. The two have worked together for over forty years and have their own production company. Their film company, Merchant Ivory Productions, was established in 1961. During that time, they created more than forty films. Most of these films were directed by Merchant and produced by Ivory, but they also worked with other filmmakers such as Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Their films are mostly based on novels by Henry James.

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