Jered Weaver Net Worth

Jered Weaver Net Worth

Jered Weaver Net Worth hails from United States. Known for his exceptional skills and contributions to baseball, which earned him immense renown and wealth. A father to two children, he loves playing golf and snowboarding when free. Additionally, Jered works as a television sportscaster as well as hosting his own popular podcast among fans of baseball.

Jered Weaver was an exceptional starting pitcher who played for both the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball. Known for his deceptive cross-body delivery and endurance, Weaver boasts solid fastball velocity with devastating changeups and curveballs that he could throw for strikes; ultimately achieving 150 victories overall with an ERA rating of 3.63 over his lifetime career record.

Weaver was one of the three former winners of the Cy Young Award and five All-Star appearances, earning nominations for both awards as well. In his post-retirement interview, Weaver discussed his experience as a stay-at-home dad as well as transitioning into this new role.

He is enjoying a more peaceful existence, though it remains hard to accept that Weaver will no longer play MLB. Last year, his 12-year career abruptly came to an end when he signed with the Padres but struggled in nine starts before abruptly retiring prior to their game against Philadelphia Phillies on May 19 without offering an explanation or providing a public statement regarding this decision.

Even after being forced into early retirement, Weaver remains hopeful about his future. He wishes to continue as a sportscaster while exploring writing a book; Weaver hopes his personal experiences may help those suffering with depression and anxiety; additionally he would like to establish a foundation dedicated to children with special needs.

Jered Weaver is immensely proud of the success of their son in professional baseball, just like his older brother Jeff who pitched for both Los Angeles Dodgers and Detroit Tigers. Kristin Travis is his wife; they live in Northridge California with their two children: Aden (10) and Josie (11). Weaver was selected by Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim after an outstanding college career at Long Beach State in 2004 and stands 6′ 7″, weighs 205 lbs and goes by The Big Weaver nickname (October 4 1982).

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