Jenna Dog

Jenna Dog Needs a Loving Family

Jenna is a gorgeous, calm, and affectionate dog who loves spending time with people. She gets along well with both cats and other dogs. She has feathered ears and soft brown eyes. She’s always ready for a new adventure and is well-behaved. She deserves to find a loving family. Read on to learn more about her. She’s a perfect match for a family who loves adventure travel and friendly dogs.

Jenna’s love of dogs

Jenna is a three-year-old Shepherd-Husky mix who loves dogs and squeaky toys. She arrived at the shelter with a dirty coat and eyes that begged for affection. We decided that she would make a great dog and would enjoy spending time with people. She enjoys car rides, walks on a leash, and staying by her owner.

Her love for dogs has led her to become a successful dog trainer. In June of 2013, she began her career in the dog industry as a Kennel Assistant at PetSmart. She then moved on to a role as a Doggie Daycare attendant. She also went through PetSmart’s training program and became one of the most popular trainers in the program. In June of 2018, she joined the Mutt Manners family.

Her passion for teaching

Jenna Dog’s passion for teaching began when she was seeking a new career path. She has been working with dogs for three years, but has been involved with animals her entire life. She loves teaching because of the joy she finds in connecting with clients and encouraging them to try new things. She also enjoys teaching mindfulness, a technique that teaches people how to navigate their emotions and feelings.

In addition to teaching yoga, Jenna has been passionate about helping others for many years. She has an associate’s degree in education and spent five years teaching preschoolers in Montessori environments. She also has experience in customer service, management, and human resources. She loves meeting new people and learning about new cultures. In addition, she has taken a yoga teacher training course and is eager to share her knowledge of yoga with her students.

Her sensitivity to each dog’s personality

Jenna’s sensitivity to each of the four dogs is remarkable. At the hospital, she watches Rosy and balto from a window, and when Rosy isn’t looking, Jenna gently nuzzles her head. Then, when Balto comes back, she barks and nuzzles him. She reaches out and nuzzles him again, and the townspeople cheer.

Jenna’s sensitivity to each of the dogs’ personalities makes it easy for her to relate to them and help them improve their lives. When she’s not training dogs, Jenna spends time hiking with her husband Adam and painting pet portraits. She’s a great person to consult if you’re looking for a professional dog trainer.

Jenna is a purebred husky with red and white fur and black markings on the tips of her ears. She also has amber eyes and often wears a red bandanna around her neck. Jenna quickly acclimates to the other dogs, and even begins cheering for Balto alongside Boris.

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