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Jenn Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Jenn Potthast’s resentment towards Andrei Castravet has reached a new high. Despite their love for one another, the two are far from compatible. The relationship has been strained by a number of issues, including Elizabeth’s rigid approach to Andrei and Libby’s constant nagging. Despite this, the two remain close to one another.

Libby Potthast’s social media presence

The Potthast family is not in the real estate business, but the family is very active in showbiz, as their brother Mike specializes in talent agency work. She also has her own IMDb page, where she has a few small parts. Among the smaller roles are one as the cashier in an episode of “Homeland” in 2011. The latest film she starred in is “Be Still and Know,” a faith-based thriller. The movie can be viewed on IMDb TV.

The Potthast family drama has captivated audiences. The Potthast sisters, Libby and Becky, are frequently seen together on social media. Their co-star Charlie, however, has kept their co-stars off his feed for the past year. But it appears that the two are still in touch.

Libby’s mother Libby is active on social media as well. Libby’s father Chuck Potthast is suspicious of Andrei’s intentions when he married his daughter.

While her mom has a quiet social media presence, her dad is a successful real estate agent and earns upwards of $240,000 annually. Libby Potthast has multiple siblings, including two brothers and a sister.

Libby’s father’s absence from Libby’s life is another source of drama in the Potthast family. He is not only absent from his wife’s life, but also has a history of stealing money from his family. Consequently, his relationship with Jenn Davis’s family is far from stable. Nonetheless, the Potthast sisters are not a happy family.

Elizabeth’s rigid approach to Andrei Castravet

Despite Andrei’s remorse and an apology, Elizabeth and her family haven’t moved on from their standoff. They have continued to press for more information about Andrei’s past, and even met with Andrei’s best friend, Marcel, who told them about his time as a police officer. According to Marcel, Andrei fled Moldova after refusing to cooperate with authorities.

Andrei’s parents, on the other hand, are not very hard on Andrei, and come off as the sweetest characters in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Andrei’s doting father to daughter Eleanor, an American beauty, confirms Andrei’s romantic nature.

Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast met on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, a TLC reality series in which couples document their love story. The couple went on to go through the K-1 visa process together, and returned in a later season for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Throughout their relationship, the couple has faced family conflicts, such as disagreements over finances and conflicts with Elizabeth’s father. Meanwhile, Andrei’s father-in-law has a good relationship with Elizabeth’s brother.

Although the couples are now proud parents of baby Eleanor, Andrei and Elizabeth have faced numerous challenges. Despite their happiness, the couple’s marriage is still plagued by problems with their in-laws, which are at the root of their problems. Interestingly enough, both Elizabeth and Andrei have previously admitted they’d faced issues with their families.

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