Jenelle Evans Sister

Ashleigh Evans is Jenelle Evans’ Sister

Jenelle Evans’ family

Jenelle Evans’ family is quite complicated. The 30-year-old star shares a daughter named Ensley with her husband David. However, the couple have not always been on good terms. Earlier this year, Jenelle dropped a restraining order against David, whom she shares custody of. However, Jenelle’s relationship with her mother was complicated. Her mother was never a fan of her relationship with David and even admitted that David was abusive to her.

After appearing on the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant, Jenelle Evans went on to star in teen mom 2 for nine seasons. After the show ended, Evans was fired due to a dispute with MTV over the show’s contract. The network was demanding an exclusive deal with Evans.

Ashleigh Evans’ family

Ashleigh Evans is the sister of reality TV star Jenelle Evans. According to Jenelle, Ashleigh has been “keepin’ her mouth shut” regarding the recent child custody saga in North Carolina. However, she has now weighed in with her thoughts on the ongoing situation.

She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and is attending pre-law school. She was born to Barbara and Robert Evans. Robert is not her biological father but his name is still unknown. Her mother is strong and has custody of her three children. Ashleigh has one son, named Atlas, who lives with his father Lee in New Jersey.

Jenelle Evans’ relationship with David Eason

Jenelle Evans’ relationship with David Easen has become more public than ever before. The couple has been spotted hanging out in Nashville several times. Although it seems like the pair has a very happy relationship, there is a possibility that Jenelle still has feelings for her ex. However, her friends and family are not surprised by the relationship.

David Eason’s public statements about Jenelle’s love life are still confusing fans. While he has said that he is not in love with the actress, he had previously stated that they were in a relationship. The couple had met on Tinder and were briefly engaged. However, their relationship soon came to an end when they got into an argument.

Jenelle Evans’ PTSD

The star of the reality show Teen Mom has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It was reportedly caused by a road rage incident in the spring. Jenelle was driving with her son Jace when the incident occurred. She confronted the driver and pulled a gun before leaving the scene. The police eventually found her and arrested her.

Evans opened up about the traumatic experience, and explained that it has been difficult for her children to heal. She said that the trauma has triggered PTSD, but that she is unable to find a cure. The teen mom star’s husband Nathan Griffith has found a new love, but that woman was not the one online publications initially reported that he was dating. He later deleted an Instagram post that appeared to show his new girlfriend, Keilyn Liznel.

Ashleigh Evans’ relationship with a mystery man

Several rumors have surfaced regarding Ashleigh Evans’ relationship with a mystery guy. The star has denied any relationship with the mystery man, but fans are not buying her story. She is living in a new house in Tennessee, and has no plans to return to the homestead in North Carolina. However, rumors that she was dating an actor named Travis Tidwell have been spreading ever since her split with Eason.

Ashleigh Evans is the sister of Jennelle Evans, the star of the reality TV show Teen Mom. However, her relationship with her sister has been strained. They have been involved in numerous social media fights and have tried to tear each other down. Despite her appearance on the show, she has been married twice. In 2014, she married Lee Karnauk. However, they divorced after only one year.

Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mother

Jenelle Evans’ sister Ashleigh is pregnant. Despite the recent legal fallout, her relationship with her mother is still on track. They were recently spotted sharing coffee and looking happy. The pair’s relationship has been rocky in the past, but it has recently improved after Ashleigh returned to her mom’s house.

The family has been in a custody battle for the last year. Jenelle signed away custody of her son Jace to her mom, Barbara, when Jace was a year old. She thought she would win back custody a year later, but Barbara insisted she still had custody.

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