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What’s Up With Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos on Instagram?

While his Instagram has never been exactly about his personal life, it’s clear that he’s happy with the woman of his dreams. The newlywed couple is back in public, with a few adorable emojis that indicate their love and support for each other. He’s also posting pictures of the two of them, and they’re all smiling and having fun together.

Jenni Pulos

After a dramatic blow up, Jeff Lewis fired Jenni Pulos from his design firm to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Pulos has a lot of interests besides designing homes: she is a wife, mom, producer, author, and animal lover. Since the split, she has been quiet about what she’s doing next.

The two have not spoken to each other since Jeff fired Jenni from his show in Season 11. They had an explosive argument and Jeff fired her from his show. This split the two women’s working relationship and friendship. It was not immediately clear which one of them is to blame.

The break-up is not something that Jenni Pulos was looking forward to, either. However, it doesn’t mean that the two have forgotten each other. Their friendship has helped both of them recover from the blowout. Jeff Lewis’ Instagram account shows many posts from Jenni, including several revealing photos. The post even includes a screenshot of a lunch meeting that Jenni posted earlier in the day.

Gage Edward

Following the split with Jeff Lewis, Gage Edwards has been quiet in public. The former couple co-parent Monroe and recently moved into a hotel. Despite the separation, they briefly reconciled. The reason for the split is unclear. But it’s clear that Lewis is not thrilled with the situation and blames fame and controversy for the situation.

Jeff Lewis’ Instagram post on the subject is full of sarcastic quips. The comedian also posted an image of a cartoon of a hospital bed with Gage’s face superimposed on it. Jeff’s post may have sparked the drama that led to a split, but Gage’s legal team isn’t backing down.

Jeff Lewis

Known for being an Emmy-nominated producer, house flipper, and interior designer, Jeff Lewis has a few interesting things to say about himself. He doesn’t wear a mask in public, but it’s no secret that his sneaky approach doesn’t always go unnoticed. Some somnolent victims have even threatened him, making Jeff Lewis’ Instagram feed a rather uncomfortable place to be.

Jeff Lewis is a new dad. He’s only been a parent for a little over a week, and the new father has already been revealing sweet and special moments of his new baby’s life. However, he’s also been busy dealing with a contentious custody battle with his ex, Gage Edward.

Cervical myelopathy

Jeff Lewis has been recovering from neck surgery. He took to Instagram to share a picture of himself after undergoing the procedure. His post was a lighthearted jab at his ex-partner Gage Edward. The pair have been in a custody battle over daughter Monroe. His post also included a joke about Edward pulling the plug on him.

Despite the bad news, Lewis has maintained a positive attitude throughout this ordeal. Although the surgery will leave a scar on Lewis’ back, he has remained positive about the future. His supportive followers have asked him about his recovery on social media.

Custody battle with ex-husband

The custody battle between the ex-husband of Jeff Lewis and his new wife is finally over. After 26 months of litigation, the pair has agreed to share custody of Monroe Christine 50/50. They will also work out a new visitation schedule for the child.

The former Flipping Out star and his wife, Gage Edwards, gave birth to their daughter Monroe through a surrogate in 2016. However, the couple split up in January 2019, sparking a bitter custody battle. The two have publicly slammed one another during interviews and social media posts.

Custody of Monroe is a top priority for the Lewises, as the child’s wellbeing is at stake. Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward also attended Monroe’s kindergarten graduation. However, this relationship ended shortly thereafter, with Gage Edward claiming that they were better off friends than lovers. The two had rekindled their romance after Jeff Lewis split with his former boyfriend, Scott Anderson.

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