Jeff Hardy Wrestlemania 37

Edge Vs Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania 37

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge: The first match of WWE’s new year was a ladder match. The ladder was outside of the ring, and Hardy had to lay Edge down on it to win. Hardy then dived off the ladder and hurt Edge with a leg drop, and Edge was left in a heap. Hardy won the match and the briefcase.

Jeff Hardy vs Edge

Edge and Jeff Hardy are two of the most dominant tag team wrestlers of the 2000s. They won the World Heavyweight Championship, a WWE title, and an ECW World title, respectively. Edge and Hardy have never lost a match, and have even gone to war over the World Heavyweight Championship. It’s possible that these two men will face off for the WWE championship at WrestleMania 37.

The match was a classic. Both men have dominated in recent years, but Hardy’s match against Edge shook things up and had an explosive finish. Hardy’s aggressive nature won the title, but Edge has the ability to make anyone look silly. The two have even fought back and forth, so the match was well worth watching.

Hardy is an iconic pro wrestler who has been with the company since WrestleMania 33. The last time Hardy was away from the WWE, he was attending the funeral of his father, Gilbert. Gilbert Hardy died on April 6, and the funeral took place on April 11. Hardy had been scheduled to compete in the Battle Royal on 4/2, but was forced to pull out due to the funeral.

Jeff Hardy vs Christian

During the upcoming wrestlemania, we can expect two matches featuring WWE’s top stars. The first will be a match between Christian and Jeff Hardy for the WWE title. The second match will feature Christian and Edge against one another. As for the main event, I expect it to be a classic singles or ladder match. It should end with Hardy prevailing. The match will also feature Edge, but he should make sure to not overgive Hardy a rub. This way, he can go on without losing the WWE title.

Hardy has had trouble in the past few months. The company needs to find a way to use him in a more effective way. He hasn’t had a single match since WrestleMania 33 and no one seems to want to face him anymore. Additionally, his faction, Retribution, went from being the most hyped faction to being a minor part of the main event. Mustafa Ali was recently revealed to be his leader, but this didn’t help. It only served to further erode the faction’s popularity.

Hardy’s career began when he was 16 and competed in the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts and the Trampoline Wrestling Federation. After signing with WWE, he and his partners, known as the “Hardy Boyz”, were used as enhancement talents for the company. In 1998, they were signed as full-time superstars and gained notoriety in the tag team division. The next year, Hardy and Christian teamed with Lita, earning them a name for themselves in the wrestling world.

Jeff Hardy vs Drew McIntyre

In the aftermath of a brutal Triple Threat Match that saw Drew McIntyre drop the United States Championship to AJ Styles, the WWE Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley loomed. Despite McIntyre’s victory, Lashley ambushed the Scottish Warrior after the match, ending McIntyre’s title reign after 97 days. The Miz also cashed in his 2020 Money in the Bank briefcase to capture the championship.

Drew McIntyre was determined to defend the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. Drew McIntyre beat AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston, and Randy Orton. The winner also defeated Sheamus and Kofi Kingston.

Drew McIntyre was a headliner at WrestleMania 36 two years ago and fought Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. He then defended his title against Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles in the Elimination Chamber Match. Bobby Lashley ultimately retained his championship and Drew McIntyre has been pushed to the mid-card ever since.

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