Jeff Conaway Net Worth

Jeff Conaway Net Worth – American Actor

Jeff Conaway was an American Actor born October 5, 1950 in New York City. He earned recognition as an actor through roles such as those seen in Grease and Taxi films as well as playing Zack Allan on Babylon 5.

On his career journey, he appeared in several films and TV shows; however, due to drug addiction and legal problems he struggled to maintain a consistent career. Attempts at rehabilitation proved ineffective; eventually he passed away from pneumonia on May 27, 2011 at Encino, California.

Conaway began his entertainment industry career by appearing in television commercials and school productions before landing a role in the Broadway musical Grease. While working in theatre he also appeared alongside John Travolta in its film version; additionally he also starred in Jennifer on My Mind as well as appearing as Rocko on Taxi for over 50 episodes from 1978 – 1981 – this brought widespread recognition to him and cemented his place as one of Hollywood’s finest.

Conaway amassed enormous wealth as an actor during his acting career, collecting large sums for various films and TV shows such as Grease (1978) and Taxi ($100,000/episode). Additionally, he appeared on several hit sitcoms including Happy Days, Movin’ On and Mr & Mrs Smith; additionally guest starring roles included Alien Intruder, Man on the Moon, Living the Dream etc.

Conaway was not only successful within the entertainment industry, but he was also an adept businessman, owning multiple real estate properties throughout his life and co-founding Starwood Entertainment with two successful production companies he co-founded with Rona Newton-John (sister of Olivia Newton-John) and then Keri Young; from each marriage came one son named Emerson Conaway.

At 60 years of age and living in Encino, California, Conaway died of pneumonia complications on May 27. Hospice had provided him care before his passing; an autopsy report revealed multiple organ failure and aspiration pneumonia as the causes. Conaway died due to a drug overdose, most likely occurring as part of his daily regimen of pills. Prior to this event, Conaway was an avid collector of art and memorabilia; an avid golfer; as well as being an acclaimed painter/sculptor whose paintings/sculpstions had been shown around the world at various galleries; having amassed over 250 pieces that were often commissioned from friends or family members during his lifetime.

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