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Jed Duggar Sets the Record Straight on His Instagram

Jed Duggar has been setting the record straight on his Instagram account recently. He’s been writing about Katey’s wedding and his love for her. However, one question remains, what is his relationship with Katey (Nakatsu)? Does he really love Katey? And, why would he choose to keep his engagement and wedding a secret?

Jedidiah “Jed” Duggar’s Instagram account

Jedidiah “Jed” Duggar, the husband of the Duggar family, has gotten social. Currently on Instagram, he goes by the handle of “jed.” He has been married to Katey Nakatsu for four years and recently welcomed his first child, a son named Truett Oliver. He was born on Monday, April 3, and he weighs eight pounds, five ounces. In a birth story posted on his Instagram account, Jed revealed that his son’s heart had dropped prior to birth.

Jed has posted some pictures of himself and his friends on his Instagram account. One of his first posts shows him and his friends at a new coffee shop. He has taken after his older sister, Jinger, who also loves coffee. He also posted his first Instagram story, which showed the line of people waiting to place an order.

It has been rumored that Jed Duggar and Caldwell are dating, though he hasn’t revealed who he is dating. However, rumors have been circulating that Jed Duggar is dating Kendra Caldwell, the wife of Joe Duggar. It is possible that the two are just friends. Regardless, it’s still a good possibility that Jed Duggar is using Instagram to keep his social life updated.

His relationship with Katey (Nakatsu)

Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu, a former child star and Counting On star, are married after more than a year. In their most recent YouTube video, the couple shared the details of their love story. The couple first met in April of 2019, but Katey was working at a prison ministry at the time. As a result, she was unable to attend the wedding.

Although Katelyn and Jed Duggar met in April of this year, the two kept their courtship private. However, rumors have continued to swirl about a possible relationship between the two. Although the Duggar family has never officially confirmed the couple’s relationship, pictures of Katelyn and Jed Duggar’s engagement and wedding invitation have circulated in the public.

During the time between the two engagements, Jed Duggar’s father invited him and his twin brother Jeremiah to Phoenix. During this trip, Jedidiah and Jeremiah stayed at Katelyn’s family home, where they got to know her better. They were joined by Jinger, who told Jed that Katelyn was the one.

Evidence that he is courting Caldwell

There’s been some speculation that Jed Duggar is courting his older brother’s younger sister, Caldwell. However, there’s no real proof of the romance. Nevertheless, it’s possible that Caldwell and Duggar are dating in secret. The rumor is based on an interview with a former Duggar employee. The insider claims that Jed was “bumped out of courtship” by Joseph Duggar, but he later wrote a letter giving his blessing to Caldwell.

The Duggar family has long been involved in public relations, and a few pictures of Jed and Caldwell’s alleged romance have surfaced. The photos were deleted from the Caldwell family’s Instagram page and from the Duggar family’s shared account. They were also removed from Lauren Caldwell’s mother’s Facebook page.

In addition to the rumors of a possible romance, Jed Duggar has also been linked to Katelyn Nakatsu, but hasn’t publicly confirmed the relationship. The pictures of a proposal were posted online around Christmas last year. Counting On fans speculated that the couple would begin courtship in early 2020, but the couple hasn’t publicly confirmed anything. This isn’t surprising, as Jed and Katey Duggar tend to keep their private lives private.

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