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Jayson Tatum’s New Hairstyle

NBA fandom is buzzing over Jayson Tatum’s new hairstyle. He’s getting ready to return to the court next month in Orlando and got a bold new zig-zag stripe cut. The internet went crazy, and Jayson Tatum even joined in the trolls!

Jayson Tatum’s new haircut

Jayson Tatum recently got a new haircut. His new crop has some Celtics fans talking. However, it hasn’t gone over well with some of his peers. Dwyane Wade and Brian Scalabrine have both made fun of the cut. Meanwhile, the official Celtics Twitter account also poked fun at the new style. However, Tatum seems undeterred by his teammate’s criticisms.

The new haircut isn’t the first change that Tatum has made to his look. It’s the first real change since he joined the Celtics. After months of quarantine, the NBA star showed off his new look on Twitter. It’s borderline unrecognizable, and is certainly a departure from his normal style. Tatum also sported a different beard, as well.

During his first playoff game, Tatum wore his new haircut, but he didn’t play very well. He only scored five points on 2-for-18 shooting. He then went back to his previous cut for the second seeding game against the Trail Blazers. In the second game, Tatum scored 34 points against the Trail Blazers. His performance earned the Celtics their first ever victory in Walt Disney World.

Jayson Tatum’s hairline

Jayson Tatum is one of the best young basketball players in the NBA, and his hairline has been getting plenty of attention ever since he joined the Boston Celtics. He started out as an off-ball player, but has now emerged as an unstoppable scorer. His averages of scoring, rebounding, and assists have increased significantly from last season. Not to mention his 50-point playoff performance against Kevin Durant.

Tatum’s hairline has become such a hot topic that it’s even become a landmark in the Celtics’ locker room. The point guard has remained undeterred despite the clippers of his veteran teammate Paul Pierce, and he is now protecting his line at all costs. Tatum is a native of St. Louis, so he understands the importance of keeping a neat and tidy hairline.

A clean cut is the best hairstyle for Jayson Tatum, but there are certain rules about how it’s cut. The hairline should be kept neat and clean, and the front of the hair must be trimmed properly. Jayson Tatum should use an electric trimmer with guard number #8. The reason behind this is because Tatum’s hair is longer than average and it will leave significant length if trimmed with a razor.

Jayson Tatum’s zig-zag stripe haircut

A zig-zag stripe haircut isn’t exactly a new hairstyle, but Jayson Tatum’s zig-zagging stripe haircut has been causing a stir. The Boston Celtics star has been receiving attention for his hairstyle since he joined the team. Here’s a look at his hair journey.

Tatum’s hair has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s hard to miss him at training camp. It’s a unique look that stands out and makes him look great. The Boston Celtics rookie has had a breakout postseason, scoring at least 20 points in seven straight postseason games. He is a big reason the Celtics are in the conference finals, leading LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers by one game.

To achieve the look, Tatum’s hair needs to be trimmed on the crown and front. To achieve this look, you will need an electric trimmer with a guard number eight or higher. The longer the hair, the higher the guard.

Jayson Tatum’s belief that his hair is cursed

Jayson Tatum is a talented basketball player, but he’s also been a subject of rumors about his hair since the day he joined the Boston Celtics. His haircut has certainly been a source of controversy, but his superstition has proven to be unfounded.

Tatum isn’t the only one with a belief in a cursed hairdo. Another famous player who feels this way is Kawhi Leonard. The Lakers’ other big star, Leonard, behaves like a monumental weirdo, but Tatum eats his opponents without blinking.

But is Tatum cursed? It’s possible. It could be that he’s just a winner with an uninteresting attitude and the shallow heart of a victory-hunting fan. However, he still has an inflated opinion of himself. It’s not surprising, considering the fact that he plays for a team with a rich history of greatness.

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