Jaws Meme

How a Jaws Meme Has Become a Cultural Phenomenon

A jaws meme is an image created by someone using the famous movie as a joke. The images are so popular that they’ve spawned essays, YouTube videos, campaign ads, and T-shirts. They have even been made into throw pillows and a business-school question. And of course, the Jaws character Mayor Vaughn has become a cultural phenomenon.

Mayor Vaughn

The character of Mayor Vaughn from the Jaws movies has become a meme. Though he only played the fifth-most important character in the film, Mayor Vaughn’s track record has been invoked by a Stranger Things star on Instagram. While he was merely playing the mayor of Amity Island, Mayor Vaughn was one of the film’s most memorable characters.

While Vaughn is not the most likely candidate to survive the savage attacks of sharks, he did have a great sense of style. He wore a blazer covered in anchors. The image has been a popular topic of discussion on social media for years.

Mayor Vaughn’s meme has been the subject of numerous essay topics, satirical YouTube videos, and political campaign ads. In a column published by liberal news website Salon, Goodell posed the question: “Why is President Trump acting like Mayor Vaughn?” The meme even made its way to throw pillows, t-shirts, and business school questions.

While the shark was not a man-eater, it was a large shark that killed several people. Mayor Vaughn didn’t take the monster seriously until he realized that it was threatening his family. He tells Brody, “I was at the beach, and my kids were on the beach with me. I had to rescue them.” In the second part of the movie, Vaughn commissions a shark hunter named Quint.

Throw pillow

If you want to add some fun to your home decor, try a throw pillow with a funny meme. Some pillows are themed around popular TV shows, movies, or other pop culture references. There are many ways to make a pillow funny, from sayings to animal depictions. Whatever your choice, you’ll be sure to find one that makes you laugh.

Business-school question

The Business-school question in Jaws has become a popular meme, inspiring T-shirts, essays, and satirical YouTube videos. One liberal news website even questioned why President Trump behaves like a Jaws mayor. The meme’s message of fear, confusion, and doubt is an example of how the internet has twisted a powerful image.

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