Javier San Miguel Obituary

On Sept. 9, 2018, Javier Sanmiguel passed away. He was the husband of Kayla Sanmiguel ’08 who was a former employee at The Seminaries of Saint Paul. Here is his obituary. To pay tribute to him, please visit his permanent memorial on the O’Halloran Murphy Funeral Home website. It is a fitting tribute to his life and legacy.

Javier was born in Mexico and was the last of his siblings. He was deeply religious and devoted to his family. He was deeply committed to his family, including his children and wife. He also served others by his own life. He is survived by a large extended family. His father was his first victim. Listed below are some family members who knew Javier. Javier San Miguel obituary:

Javier was born in Mexico on November 14, 1956. He married Reyna Sanchez on March 14, 1992. They had four children. He wanted to make special memories with his grandchildren at Six Flags Park and Disney World. He was proud of his grandchildren, no matter their age. He loved spending time with them. His grandchildren were the joy of his life, and he enjoyed making them laugh.

Josefina P. San Miguel died peacefully on March 20, 2022. She was surrounded by family. She was 75 years old. She was a teacher, and an athlete. Tragically, she was killed in an accident on September 20, 2021. Josefina was a dear friend and will be missed. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all those who knew her. Your family will be very sad for her passing.

Sanmiguel had a large family and continues to care for his loved ones, even after his death. Lionel Eaton, the shooter of Javier Sanmiguel, is facing charges of second and third-degree murder. Eaton has pleaded guilty but is still in custody and undergoing psychiatric evaluation. At the time of his death, Sanmiguel was a married father of four children.

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