Jan Markell Net Worth

Jan Markell Net Worth

Jan Markell is an esteemed Christian speaker and author of eight books. In addition, she hosts a popular weekly radio and podcast program called Understanding the Times as well as founding Olive Tree Ministries – a Christian fundamentalist organization located in Minnesota specializing in end times prophecy – with frequent appearances as a guest on various political talk shows defending her strong beliefs against creeping socialism and Sharia law.

She has an estimated net worth of approximately $3.5 Million and receives an annual salary of $130,000.

Markell prefers to keep her personal life under wraps and has yet to divulge details regarding her marital status or parenthood status. She does however take pride in being the mother of two cats named Josh and Elijah whom she proudly keeps as companions; furthermore she shares some of her experiences on YouTube channel.

As is often the case in politics, Jan is less focused on the financial side of her work, perhaps due to its focus on drawing people closer to God rather than making a profit. Though Jan has never disclosed her income and wealth statements officially, she likely has amassed enough savings for a comfortable retirement.

Jan Markell was born February 20, 1944 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States to an Evangelical mother and Orthodox Jewish father. Her conversion occurred when invited by neighbors to attend a Baptist church where Hyman Appleman, a Messianic Evangelist preached.

In 1985, three years after founding Olive Tree Ministries, she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For over twenty years she struggled against this illness before finally being healed by God through prayer and scripture readings. Following her healing she launched a radio show now broadcasted on over 850 stations nationwide as well as hosting an annual prophecy conference.

She is a well-recognized speaker and author of 8 books on Christianity and contemporary events, advocating Jesus while warning about Islam and Sharia law as well as warning about Pokemon and Harry Porter craze. Additionally, she frequently appears as a guest on Michelle Bachmann show while being active member in conservative political organization as well as writing extensively on occult subjects as an expert in biblical prophecy.

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