Jamie Donnelly Net Worth

Jamie Donnelly is best-known for her portrayal of Jan in Grease. Additionally, she has made notable appearances in Cyrus and Black Mass films. Additionally, Jamie is widely recognized as an acting coach – having assisted numerous actors such as Anthony Azizi from Commander in Chief/Threat Matrix TV series as well as Caitlin Watts from My Dog Skip/Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood TV show on set during productions.

Early Life and Education

Jamie Donnelly is best-known for her iconic performance as one of the Pink Ladies in the 1978 movie Grease, as well as appearing alongside Magenta in the original Broadway version of The Rocky Horror Show and acting as Meat Loaf’s understudy.

Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, she currently resides in La Canada, California with husband Stephen Foreman – an award-winning novelist – and their children Sevi and Madden. Additionally, she serves as an acting coach; among her notable students have been Caitlin Wachs from My Dog Skip and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood fame.

Graduate of Rochester and currently attending Boston University School of Law where she specializes in criminal law; interned for one of Massachusetts Supreme Court Justices. Member of American Association for Women Lawyers.

Professional Career

Donnelly began her career on stage, playing Pink Lady Jan in the Broadway musical adaptation of Grease. This role later reprised itself in its 1978 film adaptation and cemented Donnelly as an audience favorite around the globe.

In her career, Donnelly has made numerous television appearances including guest spots on popular series such as Barney Miller and Macgyver; additionally she has held on-going roles on Family Affair and Ray Donovan.

Donnelly has appeared in several notable films, such as cult classic Xanadu and romantic comedy Two of a Kind. Additionally, she currently stars as Sharona on USA Network series Monk as Adrian Monk uses his extraordinary attention to detail to solve crimes.

Achievement and Honors

Jamie Donnelly rose to prominence as one of the Pink Ladies from Grease on Broadway and in film. Since then she has also appeared in other musicals like US Premiere of Rocky Horror Show and stage production of Tarzan. Additionally she has made guest appearances on shows like Barney Miller, Six Million Dollar Man and Macgyver as well as regular work in Family Affair and Ray Donovan.

Northern Irish native and country music debutant Laura McNiff made her country music debut in 2018, winning TG4’s popular Glor Tire show. Since then, she’s been busy with acting career, competing on Dancing on Ice reality show, as well as set to star in an upcoming sequel of The Fonz movie franchise.

Personal Life

Jamie Donnelly has become a prominent cultural figure through two major 20th-century events; yet has also led an accomplished off-screen life. She enjoys an idyllic marriage to Stephen H. Foreman, as well as two children Sevi and Madden Rose whom provide stability and joy while her career demands take their toll.

She can be seen regularly on television shows such as Family Affair and Ray Donovan, while making movie debuts like Black Mass with Johnny Depp.

James C Donnelly currently owns one company stock with 102,820 shares and an estimated worth of $8 Million based on SEC filings.

Net Worth

Jamie Donnelly first made headlines five years before landing the role of Jan in Grease when she appeared as the Pink Lady on Broadway and in an original stage production of The Rocky Horror Show at Roxy Theatre alongside Tim Curry and Meat Loaf.

She now resides in La Canada, California with husband Stephen Foreman (a novelist) and their two daughters Sevi and Madden Rose. She can still be seen appearing as guest stars on television programs like Commander In Chief and Threat Matrix; plus a couple episodes of Family Affair.

Caitlin Watts from My Dog Skip and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood was among her acting students that she mentored under her tutelage as an acting coach. Additionally, she wrote several plays.

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