James Jebbia Net Worth

James Jebbia Net Worth

If you are looking for James Jebbia Net Worth, then you have come to the right place. He is a famous businessman and a fashion designer who is well-known for his clothing brand Supreme. He has earned his wealth from the business he has made over the years.

James was born on 22 July 1963 in the United States. He is of American and British nationality.

His father was in the United States Air Force and his English mother was a teacher. When he was one year old, his parents moved to Crawley, West Sussex in the United Kingdom. He came back to the United States at 19 and settled in New York City.

He founded a clothing company called Supreme in 1994, and it has become an iconic brand. It has collaborated with several fashion brands such as Levi’s, Vans and Louis Vuitton.

The brand specializes in streetwear and skatewear wear. It has a cult following and sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other clothing items with its red and white logo.

In 2017, Supreme collaborated with Louis Vuitton to showcase their joint collection during the Paris Fashion Week. Its products have become popular among teens who are seeking hard-to-get looks.

After collaborating with the international brand, Supreme sold the business for 2.1 billion dollars to VF Corp., Vans and Timberland’s parent companies.

Moreover, he has collaborated with many artists and designers in the industry. Some of them include Damien Hirst, Kate Spade, Tom Ford and Rick Owens.

He is married to Bianca Jebbia and they have two children together. She is also a successful fashion designer.

Her husband has earned his wealth from his business and has a huge portfolio. He owns a private equity firm called Carlyle Group. He has a house in Lower Manhattan. He also has a luxury car and an expensive wardrobe.

James Jebbia’s wife, Bianca is also a successful fashion designer who has been married to him for many years. She has two children with him and they live in a house in lower Manhattan.

They have been living a happy life with their children. They are very close to each other.

He has a great passion for fashion and sports. He has a unique sense of style and is known for his great creativity.

After graduating from Columbia University, he started his own business in the clothing industry. He is a very successful fashion designer and he has earned his wealth from his business.

During his career, he has won several awards. He has been a huge inspiration for many young designers and is a role model to them.

He is an American businessman and a fashion designer. He has an estimated net worth of $800 million. He has a great career in the fashion industry and has collaborated with several major brands including Levi’s, Vans and Louis Vuitton.

His net worth is attributed to his success in the business field and his collaboration with various fashion labels. He has collaborated with some of the most renowned artists and designers in the world such as Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Kate Spade.

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