James Golden Net Worth

James Golden Net Worth

James Golden Bo Snerdley is one of the world’s best-known figures and it is easy to see why. His success stems from hard work and diligence; as an extremely multitalented individual who can do almost everything. James has become an inspiration to countless individuals all around the globe.

James starts each morning off right by taking a hot shower and eating a protein shake, which he believes will provide him with enough strength to compete on the court. Following that he stretches and exercises before taking vitamins and supplements for healthy living.

James has signed numerous endorsement deals and serves as a spokesperson for Beats by Dre headphones, Gatorade, McDonald’s, Nike (since high school) and other brands. Nike even signed his entire family including wife Savannah, sons Bronny and Bryce as well as daughter Zhuri to their own deals!

James has proven shrewd in his investments. He owns a large share of Cleveland Cavaliers and recently purchased a 2% stake of Liverpool FC from England’s Premier League club; both investments should fetch many times their initial cost upon sale.

He owns two estates in Akron, Ohio and Coconut Grove, Florida – each home has an expansive terrace maze and infinity pool overlooking Biscayne Bay; plus there’s even enough space for hosting Thanksgiving for his entire Miami Heat team! Additionally he also owns a 30,000-square foot compound in Akron for training basketball practice and family gatherings.

James also spends significant funds on his health. At home he boasts an ice tub, hot tub, hyperbaric chamber and full gym; in addition, he employs staff of health specialists including former Navy SEALs and recovery coaches to keep him in top form; additionally a personal trainer helps prepare him for games.

James finds time in his off-time to spend some of his cash wisely. In New York City, James visits Bang Bang Tattoos where each session costs at least $500; their tattoo artist has worked on Rihanna and Katy Perry arms, making him a firm favourite with James. James proudly displays his body art via social media; in fact he even has an Instagram page dedicated to it that boasts over 2 million followers! James enjoys spending time with friends and family – particularly his siblings whom he remains close with regularly.

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