James Galante Net Worth

James Galante Net Worth

Accusations against Jimmy Galante go back to 1993. He was a convicted felon. However, he has been a philanthropist, owns a sports team in Danbury, Connecticut, and is involved with his family.


Several years ago, the federal government seized the assets of Jimmy Galante, a philanthropist who was accused of running an illegal enterprise. The government has accused Galante of extortion, racketeering, bribery and arson. He faces up to seven years in prison.

He was found guilty of extortion and other crimes. The government claimed that Galante paid over $9,000 to attorney Willis Stephens, who represented the town of Southeast, N.Y. He was also accused of kidnapping. Galante’s lawyer cited Galante’s poor upbringing. He said he felt empathy for others.

Galante has been sentenced to serve five to seven years in prison, although his lawyers say he will be able to receive skills once he is released. He will also have to pay back several million dollars in back taxes, according to federal guidelines.

convicted felon

Known as the “trash czar,” James Galante is a convicted felon who owned a vast empire of businesses involving trash and recycling. Galante admitted to evading the Internal Revenue Service for years, but he was also convicted of racketeering, fraud, and extortion.

Galante’s enterprises had direct ties to the Genovese crime family, a group whose members have been cited in the inspiration for shows such as The Sopranos. Galante was also accused of working with mob families in Danbury, Connecticut. He also was accused of using economic sanctions to create a climate of fear.

Galante’s businesses handled 80 percent of refuse in southwestern Connecticut. They included Automated Waste Disposal, Inc., which was founded by Galante in 1979. The company was based in Danbury, Connecticut. The Galante family owned the minor league hockey team, Danbury Trashers.

Danbury Hat Tricks owner

Founded in the town of Danbury, the Danbury Hat Tricks are professional ice hockey teams. They play at Danbury Ice Arena, and are a member of the Federal Prospects Hockey League. Their logo incorporates Danbury history and terminology. The team is deep into their inaugural season.

Danbury Hat Tricks fans want to see the team get a top spot in the league. They also hope to see Danbury hockey history live on. During the team’s inaugural season, Hat Tricks fans have had a lot to look forward to.

The Danbury Hat Tricks are the only professional sports team in Danbury. They were purchased by tycoon James Galante in 2004. Galante sunk several million dollars into Danbury Ice Arena, which became a home to Danbury hockey.

Danbury Hat Tricks games are always close. Fans watch from Section 102, which dates back to the town’s original pro club. This area is located behind the visiting bench, and is known for its boisterous loyalty.

Accusations against Jimmy Galante go back to 1993

Among the many alumnus of Danbury’s minor league hockey team, Jimmy Galente, is a name that most fans of the game don’t forget. Galente, who was born and raised in South Salem, was a self-proclaimed hockey geek who spent his spare time hosting lavish dinners at his home and driving his sports car across the country to play hockey. Besides the obvious, Galente also owned a racing car team for Ted Christopher. He was known as the goal scoring machine.

He also owned a large waste management company that handled 80% of the garbage hauled in both Westchester and Putnam counties. Galente’s businesses were also the source of some controversy. He was accused of muscling his local competition out of the market. He also admitted to skimming cash from his businesses.

Family life

Almost seven years after his arrest, Jimmy Galante is still in prison. His prison sentence is in conjunction with a five to seven-year federal sentence. He is confined to his home, except for court appearances and emergencies. He is also ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Jimmy Galante was a prominent businessman who had a successful waste disposal business in Danbury, Connecticut. He was also accused of extortion and racketeering. His business empire was found to be associated with Genovese family members. He built his business into a trash-collection empire worth about $100 million. He had 25 companies that provided trash services to a number of municipalities.

Galante started his business in the late 1970s and began making money on the first day he took over the garbage transfer station in Danbury. He also skimmed cash from the transfer station. His business grew quickly and he eventually owned 80% of the trash collection services in Connecticut. He also owned 25 other companies, some of which were related to a local crime family.

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