Is Michael Farrahs Dad

Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham has had a complicated relationship with her parents. She has been calling her father Michael “Dad” for several years, but some fans have wondered if he’s really her biological father. Recently, Michael Abraham has confirmed that he is Farrah Abraham’s father and that he was her biological father.

Tracey and Noelle sit down with Farrah Abraham’s father, Michael Abraham. Michael Abraham is Farrah Abraham’s father, but he also serves as her uncle. On this episode, he shares some insight into Farrah’s past.

Farrah Abraham’s father reportedly lost his cool during a family argument at his frozen yogurt and bubble tea shop. Michael Abraham defended his daughter by bragging about her achievements. He promised to wear her costume until a full-time employee is found for the business.

Farrah Abraham’s dad, Michael Abraham, recently married Amy Blake. The couple lives on a llama ranch in Texas with his family. The ceremony was officiated by Danny Abdeljabbar and Sam Leatherwood. Their children, Sophia Abraham and Caty Costigan, also attended.

Farrah Abraham calls her father by his first name. She even admits on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition that she feels her father abandoned her when she was young. Although she has been calling him by his first name, she doesn’t want people to think that she’s ignoring her dad.

Farrah’s termination from Teen Mom may have been the best thing for her family. In addition to spending time with her parents, she also spends time with her grandparents, and she shared a video with Sophia on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. Then, in another post, Farrah shared a video of Sophia with her dad on her social media account.

Michael Abraham is doing well and is helping others recover from addiction. He is currently working on his own memoir. The book he’s writing will tell the story of his daughter Farrah. When Derek Underwood passed away in a car crash, Farrah leaned heavily on drugs to cope with the grief.

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